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What is Tarot? In Essence, the Tarot is a detailed pictographic diagram of the universe and everything within it, and is based on many ancient teachings and spiritual practices; including but not limited to the Holy Qabalah and the Sacred Toroidal Field.

Tarot encompasses the five elements (physical earth, emotional water, mental air, spiritual fire, and the astral – ether), describing how these five geometries weave together to depict the totality of life experiences, and the structure by which the laws of creation are set.

Tarot is a language of symbology, numerology, cosmology, geometry, and art – which fuse together in an intricate web of ideas providing a means by which one’s consciousness can engage, and come to know itself better with. The Tarot then becomes a guidebook through the many different aspects of life, and supports a higher understanding of one’s experiences in a deeper, more meaningful way.

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The History of Tarot

The history of Tarot has the potential to be quite a lengthy exploration, and so here we shall only discuss the basics. The story appears to begin with the emergence of the cards in the mid 1300’s among the wealthier members of society who would use the cards as simple playing cards. To them, there wasn’t anything mystical or spiritual about it, it was just a toy. For several hundred years, they were just that, and nothing more.

However, in 1781 a man named Antoine Court de Gebelin published a book called “Le Monde Primitif”, in which he hypothesized and linked these popular cards to the ancient Egyptians; in particular, the writings attributed to the sage known as Thoth. When these cards first emerged, the writings of the Egyptians and Greeks were almost altogether unknown, due to the destruction of the Library of Alexandria by angry mobs a thousand years prior to their re-emergence in the period known as the Renaissance.

Gebelin’s work in the connections between the Tarot and the Ancient Egyptians propelled a massive surge of spiritual awakening in the esoteric communities, and Tarot soon became realized as a powerful tool for divination. This however, was only just the beginning for Tarot, for in the 19th century a French occultist named Eliphas Levi became the catalyst for the connection between Tarot and the Kabbalah. Through his work, now Tarot had not only been linked to the Ancient Egyptians, but the Hebrews mystic sect as well. This would put the symbolism within the Tarot to potentially share roots to the time of pre-Exodus, when the Hebrews were still under Egyptian rule.


However, all of these connections which are powerfully demonstrated are still only speculation in history, due to the fact that the oldest cards that are available in history are from the 1300’s, and there does not appear to be any record of them prior. Speculations seems to suggest however that whenever these cards were first drawn, they were likely done so by a hand who had a great deal of understanding – or at least – drew from older sources of information which correlated these ancient faiths.

In 1888, the connections between Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Jewish Kabbalah and the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries would be realized in a much brighter light, by the work of an established esoteric order called The Order of the Golden Dawn. This Order drew a tremendous number of parallels between these ancient systems, and established a new modern understanding of the Tarot (among many other magical practices), and thanks to their work, began a new age for modern Tarot. Almost all of the decks which are available today are based on the two principle decks which emerged from the work of the Golden Dawn, which are called the Rider-Waite-Smith (or simply Rider, or Rider-Waite), and Thoth Tarot.

However, regardless of the history of the Tarot there is one thing that remains an inherent truth which applies to all things, but especially this subject: The history of Tarot does not make a difference. This can be summarized by this exquisitely simple quote by the author of Thoth Tarot, Aleister Crowley – “The origin of Tarot is quite irrelevant, even if it were certain. It must stand or fall on its own merits.

One thing that should be noted about the Tarot and these esoteric connections is that for most people, the information is quite impenetrable. There are tens of thousands of books available in the world which seek to explore and dissect the symbolism of Tarot, and the understanding of the ancients for the modern mind; however there is so much information, that it is not easily comprehensible without a great deal of study.

This brings us to where we are now, and the creation of a new deck – which seeks to make known the hidden mysteries in a simple, yet comprehensible manner: Patch Tarot.

"It never fails me. Shocks my friends, with accurate descriptions of their current life situations. A must for the humans feeling misguided and lost. I believe the Patch crew can and will impact the world for a positive future. "

Finn Schwantes

"This is my favourite deck ever!!! The art work is stunning and full of meaning, you can look again and again at the cards and pick out new details each time. I don't connect with some decks but this one I connected with straight away. Thank you x"

Vicki C.

"The outlines of the cards glisten in the light showing off the fascinating details within each picture. You can see, feel, and love the work put into each of these beautiful pieces of art! Worth every penny, I'm now waiting for the book to come and it will receive an honest review as well!"


"Great deck! Very profound experiences using it and gaining needed insights using it! The recent updates have improved the app, allowing for saving readings (and naming it). The cards reversals are clear. And overall this is my favorite tarot deck I have ever used!"

David Kohn

"Very interesting readings... I don't know what is the algorithm they use, but it seems to connect to some channel of time-space-quantum-energy that is aligned with the question/scenario of the moment! "

Roberto Nozaki

"A great and modern Tarot deck App. It's weird because I found this in a list of games... Obviously this isn't a game and it's very accurate. Tarot has always been accurate for me and this one is great and better than others because it is a modern mixture of different decks. Its amazing really."

Tyler Wintringham

"This is the best tarot deck I've ever had in fact it's the only tarot deck I really loved because of the artwork. A tip that I have is to sleep with a tarot deck under your pillow so that your subconscious mind can interact with your deck when you first get it. I've done readings for people and these cards are always accurate. Sometimes it just gives you the answers you know but you don't want to face. I am going to purchase a spirit shirt while they're still on sale thanks."

Cameron P.

"Together with the Divination Cloth are just Perfect combination. Both of them are made of the finest quality material, adding impressive fully colours. The cards impression are very grateful, peaceful, lovely, enjoyable, meaningful without any negative energies. I really love them! Thank you guys! Much love from Germany! <3"


"Patch Tarot has become one of my favorite decks! I use it just about everyday. I have both 1st and 2nd additions. The cards are very vibrant and colorful. They shuffle real nice and feel smooth in your hand. The artwork is amazing! A lot of love went into making these cards. I would recommend this deck to anyone."

Summer J.

"This deck is amazing to work with! Since my first reading it's been so powerful. I do a lot of readings for others, and everyone I've worked with has been extremely taken with this deck. It's hands down my favorite to work with, especially since the digital Book of Patch that comes with it is so packed with information that allows you to not only understand Tarot as a whole better, but also goes through the differences and intricacies of this deck in great detail. All in all, it's very obvious this deck was made with clear intention and much care, and it shows. Thanks so much Spirit Science for an epic tool to go deeper with, I look forward to any other decks you might produce in the future!"

Alli T.

"Love this old deck, all the art is beautiful and colourful. Pleasure to use, though I would have loved to have bought from a UK/EU store - it was sure worth the extra cost."

Danny U.

"High quality cards with amazing figures!!! I gave as a present to my wife and she LOVED it!!!!"

Matheus G.

"This is probably my favorite tarot deck I own! Not only does it make tarot super easy to learn by having the card correspondences on the corner of the cards, but it is also so visually appealing! Beautiful art work and vibrant colors. 💕🌈😍"

Edwin R.

"The deck is just amazing, the detail on each card is wonderful. I feel like I've been growing on my spiritual journey alongside spirit science for like 7 years now and the cards are just the next evolution of that journey. My favorite cards are the Royal Arcana, and exploring how masculine and feminine energy flow through the elements! Thank you Jordan and Spirit Team for expanding the universe in a such beautiful way and blessing so many in the process. Much love from North Carolina USA!! <3"

Michael C.

"I like the intention card at the beginning, beautiful touch Higher quality images yet softer on the eyes. Borderless edges really give them that infinitely expanding feeling like the artwork (or design if you will) could come to life and continue drawing itself. Magic"

Caleb W.

"I'm a collector of Tarot decks and I absolutely love this deck!! "

Gregory U.

"You all are beautiful sparks of pure energy getting brighter day by day. I have watched you over the years tune into clarifying the mission at hand, "Patchman" paving a path for like minded spirits seeking that focused energy to stay on board the beam of brightness! Would love to meet you all as I would love to share my experiences with such great spirits!"

Jeaneen L.

"Beautiful Tarot Deck with amazing possibilities! Looking forward to using it in a deeper way very soon. Thanks for the amazing art and intuition that went into this incredible work. Item type: So sacred brother, thanks again for all your hard work :) this will give me more time to study qabalah... I've been reading daily, it is so powerful.. Ive been reading I Ching for awhile but have never found a tarot that really resonated with me until I saw yours.. it really just clicked and I can read the intention of your cards with such clarity excellent work and many blessings. "

Nick Rayburn

"This is the most comprehensive Tarot book I've ever seen. I didn't realize all the ways that the cards connected to other modalities. I am enjoying going down the rabbit hole and learning something new each time I complete a reading."


"Awesome! I don't normally pay for apps, but this is the best $3 I've ever spent in the play store (maybe the best $3 spent anywhere for that matter). Beautifully done. Especially for those of us just starting out and not fully knowing the meanings of all the cards and positions. The explanations are awesome, so deep and full of meaning, but not difficult to understand and interpret to your situation. Love the deck, love Spirit Science."

Todd Friedman

"The Book of Patch is like no other, it has a Divine flow about the information & how it allows one to resonate with it. Thank you 🙏 "

Teodora S.

"I am very new to tarot. I love all the work that spirit science has done and teaches and because of that I thought I would give this a try. I am completely blown away by how on point my answers are to the questions I have asked. Everytime without a miss the card are just what I needed to hear. I can't recommend these cards enough. Thank you so much!"

Anne Benway

"Beautiful Tarot Deck with amazing possibilities! Looking forward to using it in a deeper way very soon. Thanks for the amazing art and intuition that went into this incredible work. "

Scot R.

"As good as promised! 😊 I love Spirit Science on YouTube, and the ease with which they make large concepts understandable; this deck stays wonderfully in line with that goal while expanding on the card meanings AND integrating broader, ancient ideas, symbolism, and philosophies. The descriptions are deep, yet understandable, and (if you choose to allow card reversals) FULL descriptions for reversals are offered. Easy-peezy! Four additional cards have been added to the deck and are really a per pro for the holistic approach these cards portray. Thanks, guys, for creating this wonderful tool!"

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