Spiritual Transformation meets Personal Evolution!

Crafted with intention, love, and layered foil - This is the most visually stunning Tarot you've ever held, designed to accompany any soul who ventures to commune with the Divine. 🙏💛✨

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Patchman just took to the stage to reveal a lot of new energy coming to Patch Tarot 3! Watch the video here 🤩


Featuring Upgrades on Every Level

Here are some highlights about what's coming to the new deck!

The Ascended Tree of Life

Patch Tarot 3 features a fresh experience of the classic Tree of Life Geometry, bringing it into greater coherence with the Flower of Life.

The Ascended Tree of Life is an initiation into an integrated state with the Source Field (Spirit), and invites each of us to step into even more holistic ways of perceiving, and life.

The shift to the Ascended Tree of Life lifts the symbolism and meaning of the cards to greater heights across the many dimensions of Patch Tarot.

In addition to the many subtle changes this shift will bring, it will also bring a renewed sense of connectedness with every reading that you do.

Use the slider on the image to reveal the difference between the new and old versions of the cards. 

The Ultimate Tool for Self-Reflection

Patch Tarot combines the symbolism and wisdom teachings of the worlds most prominent Tarot decks into something new; a unified and whole approach to self-reflection and personal mastery!

Know Yourself Deeper

Go within through the potent energy of Patch Tarot to to identify limiting beliefs and habits, discover your true potential, and receive guidance on living as the greatest version of yourself.

Align with the Path of Your Soul

Use Patch Tarot 3 to reflect and reveal the light within you, helping you with daily guidance and making the best possible life choices for yourself.

Featuring A New Book of Patch

Patch Tarot wouldn't be complete without it's 500 page textbook!

This book breaks down in thorough detail the meaning behind all of the cards, including sections on Introduction to Tarot, Advanced Qabalistic Wisdom, Behind the Scenes, and much more...

Unlock the mysteries of your inner reality and step into a new dimension of consciousness with The Book of Patch. This full-color print book, spanning almost 500 pages, is the ultimate resource for both beginners and experts seeking to deepen their understanding of Tarot and esoteric wisdom.

Advance Order Now Available

Patch Tarot 3 and the Book of Patch is Shipping Late Summer & Early Fall. Reserve Yours Today!

A Timeline of Tarot

Take a moment to explore with us the history and mystery of Tarot, and see how it has led to the creation of Patch Tarot today 🙏✨🎊

Advance Order Now Available

Patch Tarot 3 and the Book of Patch is Shipping Late Summer & Early Fall. Reserve Yours Today!

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There's a lot to learn about Patch Tarot, and Tarot in general! Here's a small library of videos we've made about it.

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