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Ace of Cups










The Root of the Powers of Water


Divine Feminine, Fertility, Productiveness, Emotional Capacity, Devotion, Beginning of Friendship, Source of Love, Water in its most Secret and Original Form.



This is archetypal water (emotion) in its unmanifested form. You might see it as an emotional seed; the place where emotion is birthed and experienced. This is the realm of pure feeling, sensitivity, and the pure divine feminine; the womb in which feelings are birthed.


The Ace of Cups invites you to look deep within to the place of subtle emotional resonance, and get in touch with your feelings. Resting your awareness here, you find the heart of your desires, the ability to empathize with others, and true love. This is the place where feelings give birth to thoughts, will, and action; this is the place from which you share your heart with the world.


The Ace of Cups is the pure emotional power that has yet to manifest into being. It is the root of where emotions stem from; a void of possibility. It is incredibly sensitive in nature, like the womb from where life is birthed. It is the potential of emotion itself, but not yet having come into being.

Thus, the Ace of Cups embodies the energy of the divine feminine, fertility, creation, and the beginning of a friendship, the source of divine love. It is a symbol of emotional and spiritual fulfillment and brings us back to the opportunity for greater love and compassion.

This card depicts a cup in a unique way; as a singing bowl with sound emanating out from it. The vibrations of sound extend beyond physicality and interact with us on deeper levels, having the power to move us, inspire us, and touch our hearts. There is also the geometric pattern of the seed of life radiating out from the center of her heart and radiating through the sound bowl, which describes further how new life is birthed from this place. 

This card invites you to tap into your deepest emotions. These may be feelings that you have buried long ago or new feelings that you are experiencing right now. From the sacred space of your heart, you can tap into your truest desires, and manifest them into your life. 

As water is reflective in nature, this card asks you to be the same. Meditate on your own emotions, dive deep into the waters of your feelings and float there for a while. This is our creative center, where we draw ideas, passion, and emotions from. As fertility and birth are heavily influenced by this card, the birth of a new idea, event or even person may appear in your life. 

In that nature, this card may be telling you to practice empathy towards others who are in your life and express the feelings in your heart towards them. By opening yourself up, you will be able to be more connected to what is happening all around you. By learning to forgive, you can rid yourself of any negativity that may occupy your mind. 

If you are trying to solve a problem externally, the Ace of Cups is the indication to first go internally to find the solutions that you seek, and then birth them into your world once you are clear on where you stand. This card may also represent the birth of a new friendship or romance in your life. It is a special connection, delicate and precious, so nurture it carefully as it grows. 

The core essence of this card asks you to find love in every situation. Forgive those who have hurt you, appreciate the friends and family who are in your life, and be kind to strangers on the street. This love will surely return back to you ten-fold!


The reverse of the Ace of Cups comes in the form of a blockage that is damming up our river of emotions, and a lack of clarity towards our feelings. This takes place when we deny or repress how we are feeling, and do not speak our truth. We might be experiencing loneliness, emotional diffusion, or an alteration of our natural thoughts as a result, and this can even lead to feeling depressed or enraged. In this, we may even begin expressing too much of ourselves without taking the time to really look inside at the root cause of our feelings. This overexpression can push people away and cause even more bitterness inside, numbing ourselves to the pain we feel, but refuse to share.

To turn this reversed card upright, we must allow ourselves to be honest with what we are feeling, taking the raw emotions to their core and truly honoring ourselves with forgiveness and compassion for what is truly being felt within. If we can take the time to explore these feelings, we might find something inside that we missed, giving way to a new understanding and a clearer sense of peace within, and without. Once we have embodied this space within, we can begin to allow the feelings to move through us naturally and share them with the world in a pure and open way.

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