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Ace of Disks










The Root of the Powers of Earth


Beginning, Creation, Earth, Physicality, a Chance, Potential Material Creation, a Seed



The essence of physicality, the Ace of Disks is the notion of a potential physical creation not yet manifest. Here there is a possibility for something new to come into being, pointing towards an actual formation of something physical and tangible in the world.


The Ace of Disks indicates a new physical creation coming into your life, and describes the essence of physicality itself. This physical creation is not tangible, but the stage is set for it to manifest. This card invites you to look at what you are creating in your life, what you want to create, and then invites you to stride toward it with grace.


The disks are the essence of the physically created world, and the Ace is the idea of creation in its unmanifested form. This is an energy that hasn't been brought into physical creation yet, but the spark of its existence before coming to form. You might think of it as a seed, containing all of the blueprints for life, but which hasn't begun growing yet.

The Ace of Disks represents beginnings, material, and physical creation, manifestation, and prosperity. This is an opportunity for a new start, vibrant fresh energy, and tremendous inspiration moving through us into our actions as we ground in this new energy. 

This card is depicted by the Princess of Disks holding the Earth in her hands. From the center of the planet spirals out a rainbow wave along with the seed of life, weaving together to depict the new life ready to emerge. She has the moon at her root chakra, and the sun at her crown, representing the balance of Yin and Yang present around the Earth, and the requirements for life as we know it; our divine celestial mother and father. 

The Ace of Disks is the first step of a material form, which you might experience as a new project, dream, job, relationship, or adventure that you are about to embark on. The disks also relate to resources and can represent wealth, home life, recreational activities, food, or professions, as these are all very physically based activities. 

The presence of this card says that this is a very exciting time! Something new is forming, and you are the creator of it. The possibilities are infinite as to what this could actually be, and unless you already know what it is, be on the lookout for new opportunities all around you. Is a new person entering your life? Are you starting a new project or task to focus on? Are you moving to the house? Are you traveling somewhere? Are you trying a new diet? 

Traditionally, The Ace of Disks has been a symbol of wealth, but this doesn't necessarily mean money or finances. This could look like being rich in health, happiness, or having an abundance of joyous emotions that inspires you and compels you to action.

This card pushes you forward into the manifestation of your goals, which starts with tapping into your true heart's desires, and asking yourself what am I really wanting to create in life? It is the perfect time to add something new to the equation of your life, especially something that you might not normally get involved with, but maybe secretly always wanted to. The possibilities are endless, so don't be afraid to expand your horizons and explore the new options coming through you!                


The reverse of the Ace of Disks implies the dissolution of what could have been. Since this Ace deals with potentials rather than creations, the reversal of it deals with material creations breaking down. Further, it could describe a potential creation that has gone sour. In this, it could still manifest, but it won't be as you had hoped it to be. In a practical sense, this may relate in several ways, one of which could look like a new opportunity that has presented itself, but you have chosen to ignore it, or we're blind to its call. It may also look like dissatisfaction with material circumstances; if even one aspect of your life you are unsatisfied with, this can speak to that feeling within you. Further, if you had a project or seed that you planted, one that you were particularly excited about but then did not support, it is growing; this may also be represented here. Ultimately, we have to be very mindful of such things; if we start a project, we must nurture it and see it through. Otherwise, it can stagnate and turn into a longing within us for something we always wanted to do but never took the initiative to make it happen.

 To turn this card upright, we must start by taking stock of all of the time and energy we have available in our lives and observe where we are spending our energy. If we are neglecting our passions in favor of watching some show or other distracting forms of entertainment, then this can be a reason that our dreams are not being fulfilled. If we are dissatisfied with life, what aspects of life are we struggling with? We might have an opportunity for a great change in our lives, but we can only make that change happen if we choose to stand up and live our dreams! Sure, maybe this takes some planning and foresight to really know what direction to go, but this doesn't have to be a hard thing, the biggest challenge might even be getting up and getting started. Once you have the motion, just simply following through will continue your momentum into all manner of things, and you will find yourself continually refining your creation until it matches the vision in your head and heart.

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