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Ace of Swords










The Root of the Powers of Air


Thought, Realization, Analysis, Logic, Ideas, Raw Power, Clarity, Objectivity, Breakthrough, Awareness



The seed of intellectual power, the Ace of Swords, embodies the essence of the thinking mind from which thoughts spring forth as if from nothing. It is the first idea: a neural impulse. By nature of the mind, it is all-embracing, all wandering, all-penetrating, and all-consuming. Deadly, yet its power incredible, the Ace of Swords shines bright with the radiance of the sun (Son).


Thoughts are powerful, if not one of the most powerful things you have at your disposal. The power to create anything is only limited by your imagination. Thoughts are the wellspring from which all of creation emerges, as creation itself is a thought in the mind of God. So, what are you thinking of? What power are you giving to your thoughts, and where do you allow your thoughts to take you? Be mindful of your thoughts, and your thoughts will be full of mind.


The Ace of Swords is the spark of realization, the invocation of natural forces and thought itself coming into being; the moment of "eureka!" It is the birthing of creation in the mental form of our thoughts moving through us and out into reality. 

This card activates mental clarity, the process of analyzing our thoughts, our realizations, and looking at our thoughts' objectivity. The sword itself can be seen as each individual thought, and the Ace of Swords itself is the potential for all thoughts to exist. The Princess of Swords holds onto the Master Sword Excalibur and forms a link between the thoughts of the mind and the manifested realm. The top of the sword meets at her third eye and crown, depicting the purity of the element and forming a bridge for her thoughts to her root - the manifested reality. She is rising above the foggy clouds beneath her, existing on a higher plane where intellect and cognition are clear and precise - the sword itself banishes the cloudiness instantaneously, demonstrating the power of meditation. 

This card represents the moment where we can mentally connect the dots and are filled with new insights and realizations. It highlights a new idea, vision, or way of seeing something that is important to take note of at this time. Here standing for truth is absolute, and doing what is right is the only way to act. This can look like standing up for a cause against all the odds because we are compelled to, or speaking about something that others dare not speak of.

As the swords are mental in nature, this card also provokes us to stay alert and objective, being mindful of the illusions present at any moment. This is done by staying neutral and maintaining a clear focus when analyzing all the sides and values of an equation. 

The Swords themselves are a peculiar element, as they are the result of the fusion of fire and water, charged with the 5th element of Ether. Ultimately have no motion of their own yet respond and react to every little vibration from the other three elements to the point that it becomes a self-aware vessel that balances the elements around it. This makes the element of Air quite unique and teaches of powerful wisdom about where our own thoughts come from at all. 

Be aware, however, for the Ace of Swords can represent a situation where the potential outcome is double-sided, just like the blade of the sword. There can be great power involved, but sometimes too much power can easily fall out of balance. This is the nature of the swords, for as too many swords enter the fray, they begin to lose their harmonious order and raw power, turning against themselves, and destroying themselves by their own strength. In this, they embody both the creative and destructive essence of the cosmos.  

The Ace of Swords invites you to take a deep breath and connect with Spirit within, stepping back to observe your mental intuition; the ability to do this is vital when making fundamental life choices. Meditation is key; take the time to slow down and bring your awareness to the present moment completely, it is always important to balance emotion and logic, but this card urges you to use intellect and meticulously analyze the situation to find the answer rather than relying solely on emotional feelings at this moment in time.


The reverse of the Ace of Swords comes in the form of a clouded mind, and uncertainty of not knowing or lack of clarity. This happens when we lose focus on a situation and forget our analytical sense in any problematic scenario. Further, if we are attempting to champion a cause that truly is self-serving in nature, this, too, can be represented by this reversal. In mirroring some of the later sword cards, we can also see cruelty through our logic, which is illustrated by the coldness of the blade without any compassion from that who is wielding it. Are you a noble warrior, or a violent subduer? 

To turn this reversed card upright, first acknowledging that our thoughts may be stuck in a rut and that we have spent too much time focusing on the problem will assist in correcting this imbalance. This can be further added to if we have not spent enough time trying to find a solution. If we cannot acknowledge that our mental state might be the problem, we have no opportunity to correct it. Calming our minds and finding our core values again, re-grounding ourselves by remembering why we set out on our journey in the first place will bring peace and resolution to our conflicts.

The best way to accomplish this is through meditation, which can be done in its simplest form by simply taking a seat, and doing some deep breathing - it is the element of Air after all. Every time you recognize that you are not focusing on your breath or breathing deeply anymore, bringing yourself back to your breath once again, and training your mind to keep itself focused. The more you do this, the more clear your thoughts become. It may not seem like it at first, but if you made yourself sit and observe your thoughts, keeping them focused for at least one hour, you would be surprised at how aware you feel afterward. Further, compounding this practice in upon itself over the course of a week or a month would exponentially increase your results. 

With this all in mind, we must remember to use our thoughts to the benefit of everyone. Our thoughts can steer our lives, dictate our actions, move our feelings, and greatly amplify our willpower. If we are not careful in how we use these thoughts, we can do tremendous damage. We must be careful and purposeful, keeping a mental focus on thoughts that provoke love from our hearts, then taking the actions which are in alignment with those thoughts. In this, we find our most Christ-like nature.

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