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Ace of Wands










The Root of the Powers of Fire


Inspiration, Creativity, Spiritual Hunger and Opportunity, Pure Energy, Will to Create



The Ace of Wands depicts the Princess of her suit holding a fiery wand, drawing a connection of spiritual will from her heart to her mind. Within the flames of the wand, the Seed of Life can be seen evoking the powers of the creative force. How this flame is utilized, however, remains to be seen. Here the energy is simply present, waiting to be tapped into.


As the primal condition and spark of divine spiritual will, the Ace of Wands is a symbol of inspired Spirit moving through you. Nothing is manifest here, it is purely the potential for divine forces to be present in your life. The manifestation of a specific potential takes place through your own spiritual willpower to be a conscious creator.


The Ace of Wands is the initial spark of a creative impulse, it is the purest representation of raw spiritual and creative energy, but embodies no direction or power in and of itself. In a spiritual sense, you might think of this as that eternal flame at the center of every heart, shining in all directions. It is where the fires of life stem from, a primordial fire. The wand itself is being held by The Princess of Wands, who holds it up to her third eye - forming a bridge from her heart to her mind. Within the flame there is a seed of life, calling forth the creative forces of the universe.

In a reading, this card embodies the purest spark of creative energy, inspiration, opportunity, and the will to create; in essence, your spiritual hunger. It is about new beginnings, new thoughts, ideas, projects, and events in your life. It's a time to ask yourself: What do you want to create? What is the deepest intention of your soul for your life? 

With that in mind, this card exists purely in the realm of potential. It is the seed in which anything can grow from, but nothing has emerged yet. This is why the Seed of Life can be seen shining out from the flames in the wand. It has no direction, no motion, and yet holds within the possibility to go anywhere and do anything. All that is required for this seed to grow is the intention to do so. This card invites you to tap into your heart to find out just what that intention is. 

One of the simplest readings of this card is to 'just go for it'. If there's something you've been waiting to do or pushing away, now is the time to plunge into it, and make your dream a reality! 

If you are unsure of what this dream might be, simply be mindful of the infinite potential opportunities that come your way; you experience everything for a reason, and you might find yourself in a situation that lights up your heart and makes you want to take action on a particular thing. If you wish to conjure this flame in your body of consciousness, this card acts as a reminder to meditate on the situations being presented to you. You have all of the creative fire you need to create anything you want, it's simply a matter of invoking that energy and then taking the actions required to make it your reality.


The reverse of the Ace of Wands would look like a false start; like a match which was struck but didn't fully catch fire and burnt out, or cancellation of energy in some way. This is an energy of dejection because the spark emanates from the purest source within, and so it is the lack of heart that causes the match to go out. The potential that didn't turn out the way it was originally intended to. Now, this isn't inherently a bad thing, it simply describes the light that sparkled for a second, but then disappeared in the void instead of turning into a bright and shining light! This can lead to further delays and lack of motivation, or can very simply be described as "the creativity is missing"; the environment was not right at that time, or there is no desire to do anything at all. 

To turn this reversed card upright, simply realize that the sparks emerge out from nothingness within you, and you have infinite attempts to try and try again until the inner flame ignites and you begin to shine! You might feel as though you need to ignite the spark right now, and every time you feel poorly, it reflects poorly on your connection with spirit. However, this is not the case. Rushing will only make it take longer. Slow down, take a deep breath, and relax. From a state of peace, you will find your inner flame a thousand times easier than if you were to try and force it to appear.

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