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Nine of Cups










Jupiter in Pisces


Dreams Come True, Satisfaction, Harmony, Completion, Success, Love, Trust, Optimism, Comfort, Fulfilment



A Patchman sits within her aura, experiencing a sense of complete success and happiness. Here there is the perfection of the moment, and the allowance of emotional flow to course through her entire body of consciousness. She enjoys the space of harmony, trust, love, optimism, and satisfaction, for all of her dreams have come true, and she is truly at peace, within and without.


This card is a wish card that indicates dreams coming true. Whatever you dreamed of, this card expresses a glorious "yes" to having and living this dream! Not only is the dream possible, but probable if you cultivate these light and happy feelings in each moment internally, as doing so will support the realization of this dream externally in the world. All you have to do is say YES to the moment, YES to the feeling, and YES to your love! Take some time for you; you deserve it.


The Nine of Cups is all about happiness! This card embodies the energy of happiness, harmony, fulfillment, love, success, trust, comfort, and satisfaction. Ultimately, this is the card that speaks to "dreams coming true" or "wishes fulfilled," especially in matters that pertain to the heart. 

This card is depicted by a Patchman sitting within her aura, which showers her with loving waters. She is perfectly content, present, and happy with the current moment. She is in beautiful alignment with God, Source, The Universe, the All! The love that is experienced isn't "hers," but rather something that flows through her. If you think about it like this, who can truly "own" happiness? The moment we try and grab hold of it, it slips away. Instead, happiness is felt and experienced at the moment; the more we let it flow, the more there is to go around! 

This card calls you to breathe into your happiness, for no other reason than to simply desire to feel it! Happiness may be very fleeting in our daily lives, but it is a choice to invoke its power at any given moment, by putting a smile on your face and enjoying yourself. We are incredibly powerful beings, and what we choose to focus our energy on becomes our reality. If we are focusing on stress and grief, that is exactly what we will experience in our world.

When we consciously choose to step into a space of inner happiness and focus on those feelings, you can feel them expand exponentially all around us. At the same time, when we search for happiness, it becomes a paradox itself. We must open ourselves to a state of allowance and flow with the energy of happiness, rather than trying to harness it and keep it for ourselves. 

Just like the free-flowing water embracing the patchman in this card, happiness is an open state of allowing, accepting, and loving. Try to hold onto it too tightly, and it will slip away. Thus, to invoke happiness, this card speaks to appreciating beauty, relaxing, making love, appreciating the arts, savoring a delicious meal, or just generally taking a moment to be content with everything in your life! Smile! It will raise your vibration and make you feel wonderful!


The reverse of the Nine of Cups speaks to what happens when we have emotions moving through us, which brings us to tears, and we experience sadness. There is all manner of reasons for sadness, and sometimes it's important to experience this state in order to know what happiness feels like truth. In this we find the ultimate truth of the yin and yang of human experience, it is said that "life is suffering" and this is only in that by the depth of our suffering we learn how high our joy can go. Sadness is even often defined as a state of being "un-happy," and so even the definition itself comes from the parallel of the awareness of what happiness is in the first place. 

As with all states of being, this too shall pass. The key to turning sadness into happiness and turning the reversal upright is found in the natural currents of our emotions within. If we dwell on the sadness, then it has the capacity to destroy us by our continued focus on it. However, by allowing the feelings to be felt, and honoring and acknowledging where these feelings come from within us, then we may very smoothly allow the feelings to move through, subside, and change into lighter states of being; happiness, bliss, and joy.

Sometimes, we become sad because we have an attachment towards something that didn't fill us up the way we wanted to, and pain is experienced because we feel loss and disappointment towards that thing. The key here is letting go, but this doesn't mean letting go of our dreams and desires, but rather, letting go of the need for them to make us happy. The more we believe that we must have these things in order to fill us up, we lose sight of what truly makes us happy inside. 

This can be understood by the ancient quote, "Empty yourself, and you will be filled, fill yourself, and you will be empty." By allowing our feelings just to be and flow through us, taking some time to breathe, we can tap into what is really in our hearts. The need for material things fades away, they can be happy dreams and wishes, but we won't require them to lift us up. The beautiful thing is, the more we do this, the more in alignment we become actually to making our dreams come true. In the end, it's all about the cosmic flow moving through you, it belongs to all of us, and is so much greater than anyone of us. We must learn to share and treat each other with compassion, and we can all learn to be happy with each other on this little ball in space called Earth.

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