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Nine of Disks










Venus in Virgo


Peace, Satisfaction, Good Luck, Good Management, Spiritual Self Control, Gain



On the Nine of Disks, we see a bird perched upon the hand of a patchman who stands in a blossoming and fertile garden. Here she experiences the flourishing of material gain and tremendous levels of gratitude for the luxury that has been accomplished. Peace and satisfaction are experienced by all who enter into this beautiful, sacred space, which is maintained through the consistent application of nurturing energy.


The Nine of Disks is about the complete manifesting of all you have worked so hard to achieve. After the effort of planting seeds and tending to their growth, you now have the pleasure of witnessing the flourishing of your brilliantly colorful garden. Your hard work has paid off, but it wasn't really so hard, was it? The plants, beautiful flowers and fruits, practically grew themselves!


The Nine of Disks is the culmination of your work coming to fruition. It speaks to the growth and flourishing of all your hard work, yielding success, and bountiful riches as a result and enjoying the fruits of your labor. It represents satisfaction, peace, gain, good luck, and luxury.

This idea is illustrated by a beautiful patchman character enjoying her sacred space, which she worked so hard to bring to life. This garden is blooming with flowers, where not too long ago it was a barren wasteland. The patience and continued work have now paid off; you are free to enjoy the results of your work. This idea of richness can be applied to any aspect of your life, whether it speaks to your job, relationships, your home, or personal growth. In many cases, it applies to all of these at the same time. 

In addition, self-sufficiency plays a very significant aspect of this card too. It goes to show you at you don't need to rely on others all the time, and when you work from the heart, the work itself turns more into play. 

The Nine of Disks suggests that you are abundant in the material world and find yourself in alignment with the natural world as well, or at the very least are well on your way to creating this synergy. There will always be more work that needs to be done, and so now comes a time of balance to maintain all that has been created along your journey. 

Speaking to the more natural side of things, this card often indicates the need to spend some more time in nature, to support the balancing out the energies of modern-day society and the natural world. By appreciating the beauty and abundance which is already present in the natural world, you will be brought to space where you can continue to harness that same energy in all aspects of your life.


The reverse of the Nine of Disks describes a decay of what could have been a bountiful harvest. In a more practical sense, this could imply a poor sense of resource management or even gaining resources at the expense of others. It indicates that our sense of financial security is about to take a downswing and so encourages us to be very mindful of such matters. It is very materialistic in its nature, for greedy ways of thinking or the abuse of our accumulated wealth will lead only to our own decline and karmic repercussions; our gifts are not to be exploited but treasured in every way. 

To turn this reversed card upright, let us open our hearts to care towards that which we have been working with and receiving in our lives. By honoring all that we have without a constant need for more, we can learn to move with the rhythm of life instead of forcing it to be a certain way. We might have even been over-invested in our work, casting high expectations for a return that ultimately is not coming. Release your expectations, and let everything be as it may. In this way, you will find inner peace and harmony with the natural world.

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