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Seven of Cups










Venus in Scorpio


Ideas, Dreams, Thoughts, Mystery, Intoxication, Weakness, Delusions, Confusions




Patchman floats through a heavy, underwater realm and observes a multitude of possibilities suspended around him. Seven cups appear to him in this dream-like state showing all that can be experienced, from riches and contentment to phantoms, serpents, and dragons. Yet, which cup will deliver the desired outcome? The only one will lead him where his soul truly wishes to go.


There is only one path of the heart; however, finding it may be difficult as the mind can easily play tricks on you, and get confused by the shimmer and seduction of the outside world. Only one pathway will take you where you want to go, and know this path; you need only feel the information within your heart.


The Seven of Cups presents many paths before you, but which one is the right path to take? Your heart knows the answer! This card represents dreams, ideas, indulgent behavior, illusions, and confusion. In the image, there is Patchman floating in a dream-like realm, shocked to see all of these visions appearing before him! His body is heavy with sludge, implying that he may be pulled towards several directions that may not be the best for his body of consciousness.

There are multiple possibilities before you, each representing a unique path which you may walk. In this card, they are depicted as a pile of riches, a serpent, a floating head, a mysterious tower, a dragon, a wreath, and finally - a ghostly figure. Each symbol represents a different idea, and yet only one will lead this character's soul to the truth he's seeking. 

The Seven of Cups asks you to make a choice, but you must be careful; there are many illusions that can distract us from the highest truth, something that ultimately is found within ourselves. All of the options but one in this card take away from our true selves, but which one is the "right one"?

There is much temptation associated with this card; it speaks to indulgent behavior, wishful thinking, and getting caught up in our dreams and fantasies without being mindful of what is currently existing in reality. If we are not careful, we can engage in addictive emotions that are not of our highest good, such as overeating, over-drinking, smoking too much of anything, or sexual promiscuity. It can even look like engaging in overly negative moods as a coping mechanism for depression or issues that we don't want to face. 

This card reminds you to stay focused and grounded in the present moment. When we are caught up in our own dreams, fantasies, or possibilities of the future, we lose sight of our current reality. There is a risk of diluting yourself into believing something that is an illusion, and walking off a cliff when we believe we will be caught by a cloud. 

 The Seven of Cups can be a sort of wish card. Each cup is filled with something you may want in your life, but not everyone comes with a positive result in the end. This card comes with the warning of "be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it." Keep your focus, stay present, and your heart will guide you to where you need to be. If you stay in your heart, you will manifest all of your dreams to come true.


The reverse of the Seven of Cups embodies what happens when we fully let ourselves go with whatever our egos want. This takes us to a space of drunkenness of the mind, lost in the dreams and fantasies and illusions and losing all sense of what is real, a world of false hopes and over certainties, and an insatiable lust, hunger, or greed for more. It's just hapless vanity and madness, the ego taking control and doing whatever it wants, regardless of who or what it causes harm to. 

To turn this reversed card upright, we must simply honor and acknowledge the heart. We can do this by stopping our indulgent behavior long enough to look at ourselves, such as through meditation, yoga, plant medicine ceremonies, or fasting. Through this, we can recognize what we are doing that is causing us damage and what we genuinely want inside. Sometimes, turning our actions around can be a little bit difficult, however, if we begin to take baby steps or larger steps for those who are willing just to begin moving in the direction that our Spirit wants us to go, we will find the hardships in our lives begin to break away in light of a much more vibrant and fulfilling life.

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