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Seven of Disks










Saturn in Taurus

Patience, Vision, Perseverance, Investment, Uncertainty, Emptiness, Reap what you Sow (of any caliber), Evaluation, Dedication



With the Seven of Disks, we now see Patchman in a barren garden. To one who is impatient, this might be seen as a failure, for the land does not appear to yield much life at all. However, to the wise, this moment is observed as an important and early stage in cultivating true wealth. Things take time to flourish into fruition in this dimension. Thus time itself must be applied to the equation.


Once you have taken all of the actions that you can, it is time to restrain yourself and not go overboard. This card speaks to the sowing of seeds that you genuinely want to sow, even if nothing may come of it. The result of your labor could be positive, negative, or entirely barren, and this is the risk you take when you act in accordance with your goals. Be patient and breathe; things take time to grow. You will only cause panic within yourself if you dwell on what has yet to spring from the earth.


The Seven of Disks is quite varied in its energy, speaking both towards planting seeds with loving intent and expecting nothing in return, and even being mindful of potentially coming up empty-handed by your labors, or worse! This card describes the energy of labor and perseverance, potential rewards over time, inner vision, and reaping what you sow, both positive and negative.

This idea is illustrated by Patchman character in a barren garden where nothing has grown or started to sprout yet, but a single green rose which he plants in the ground. He is exhausted as he has toiled greatly in planting his garden, the look on his face is curious; he is not upset about his work, but not entirely thrilled either. In following this expression, he really has nothing to show for his work. To someone who is impatient, this garden might be seen as a failure, but to those who know the importance of patience, this is an early stage of potential for life to soon become manifest. There is nothing left for Patchman to do but wait, watch, and see what happens. 

The Seven of Disks invites you to recognize that sometimes in life, you will be called to do things that you may not know how they will turn out. In fact, you might not even be meant to know how they'll turn out, but you'll be called to do it anyway. This is typified by the affirmation "follow your bliss" because sometimes the rewards we receive for our work do not appear in the way that we expect them to. Nevertheless, all work comes back around to its source. 

This card is strongly related to long term goals and planting the seeds in your life that will sprout later when they are needed. Take the time to step back and look at the bigger picture of what needs tending to in your life as a whole. The Seven of Disks also commonly speaks to "success unfulfilled," and so now is a good time to release all of your attachments to what grows as a result of your effort. 

As the Disks represent earthly matters, this typically relates to physical and material things in your life and speaks heavily to the ideas of "investment." If you invest in things that are of the heart, you will be rewarded in the long term and be lifted up for your work, even if it happens in a different element. If you invest in the wrong things; however, such as something to satisfy your ego, you may only end up feeling empty when the results come in.

The Seven of Disks reminds us all to slow down and let go of the physical attachments and desires. It's easy to be impatient, especially with the fast-paced lifestyle that many modern societies embody. Pay close attention to the opportunities presenting themselves to you now, as they might be important potentials to create stability and growth in the future.


The reverse of the Seven of Disks speaks to haplessly throwing out our dreams because we doubt that they will actually bring any return at all. Thus, the principle key here is "resignation," for it is the leaving or abandoning of what is within us even though we may really want to make it happen. Herein we are left disappointed, ill at ease, and truly - we reap what we sow, no matter what. Our inaction is just as much a seed being sown, as it would be to invest some time, effort, and energy into a project. Then again - that might be the right thing to do if you feel as though this investment that is presenting itself is built on empty promises. Ultimately, you will have to decide. 

To turn this reversed card upright, let us take a look at the fruits of our labor and use that as a measure to determine whether or not these seeds are going to be promising or if we really wish to go through with it or not. We can use many different ways to identify this, both if the results are looking good for you and those involved, and also if the relationships that are being cultivated are harmonious. If you are continually feeling bad as a result of such activity, maybe this is a sign that it's not in your best interest. Likewise, if you are uplifted by your teammates or those around you, perhaps you can stick it out a little longer and see where it goes. As always - don't be hasty; remember to slow down and give yourself time to wait, see, and perhaps most important of all - to feel.

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