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Seven of Wands










Mars in Leo


Fighting Spirit, Value, Worth, Merit, Challenge, Perseverance, Defence, Uneven Footing



This card shows a warrior struggling to maintain his position against powerful forces. All he has is his courage to see the experience through! The forces below him rise up to challenge his position and knock him off his post. Even though he has the higher ground, his uneven footing may prove detrimental to this challenge.


It all comes down to the will to survive, and the strength of your fighting spirit. Do you have the courage to hold firm to what you believe, and maintain your position against those who seek to knock you down, no matter how daunting or frightening the scenario is? If you stay true to your heart and never give up, it is by the strength of your determination that you may overcome this opposition!


The Seven of Wands continues the flow of challenge after success, repeating a similar pattern between the Four of Wands and the Five of Wands. The principle difference here is before we challenged our own ability to listen to others and break free of our own limitations, now we must hold our ground against that which attempts to overtake us. This card is about holding our ground and pushing through the challenges that life throws at us. The ultimate key in doing this is our courage, for without it we might not stand a chance at all.

This card holds the energy of courage, defense, perseverance, value, self-worth, and a divine fighting spirit. This card depicts a young warrior standing his higher ground against a multitude of opposing forces that attempt to overtake his position, which is depicted as six wands reaching up to grab at him or smack him down. It is felt like an attack without much systematic purpose, and a challenge that to overcome shall not be easy. This card asks, "Do you have what it takes?" Will you go the distance and see your dreams through until the end? The core meaning here is to face opposition, even if it is significantly larger or stronger than your own. You may be in a very difficult situation, as though you have uneven footing or that you have been dealt a rather poor hand.

Fear not! You have the ability to do anything you set your mind to, the first step is to simply believe in yourself. This can manifest in many forms in your life and might even look like a struggle between you and someone you know who is attempting to break your confidence. Another possibility could be someone trying to claim the title of some championship which you currently hold; it could even potentially come in the form of a debate, where you need to defend your point of view, standing your ground for what you believe in! 

You have the choice and power to do whatever you feel is right, even if it feels like a losing battle. Will you create the courage to face your fears? It is important to stand against this forceful, almost oppressive energy, for it comes as a test of faith and resilience and will help us grow to even greater heights within ourselves and within our lives. Work hard for your earnings, stand up for yourself, and follow your heart in all you do! 

Finally, take peace in knowing that even if you lose this battle, this is okay. You don't need to be on top all of the time, and if you should falter, the experience will show you where you still need to grow, and help you reach even higher levels of greatness!


The reverse of the Seven of Wands often looks like not believing in ourselves and succumbing to cowardice, and in this, we give up on ourselves and what we believe in. When we face hardship, and lose sight of the power in our hearts, we can experience our opposition even more so as an attack, even if it was not intended to be one. Ultimately, this will cause a sense of hopelessness to swell up within you and make you feel as though your well of courage has dried up. 

To turn this reversed card upright we must acknowledge what caused us to shine our lights in the first place. Connecting with the strength that is truly radiating from our hearts, even if the light has been dimmed. This feeling, no matter how strained it may become - is a light that never goes out, and in this, you can always find tremendous strength if your heart is open to receiving it. Believe in the "you" that believe in yourself! Remembering that loss of position is not the end of the world, but a learning opportunity, you can keep moving forward, and you will grow tremendously from all your experiences.

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