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Six of Cups










Sun in Scorpio


Passion, Pleasure, Closeness, Deep Emotions, Balance and Harmony, Devotion, Child-like Innocence, Well Being



Two beings are intertwined in childlike innocence; their embrace is sensual and opening. Harmony of energies without effort or strain comes naturally upon cultivating receptivity to love and giving love freely. Pleasure is accompanied by a sense of reunion and nostalgia. This is the opening of the emotional heart-center, good feelings are abundant, and everyone is happy.


You have found a place within to nurture the love that was always residing there, and through offering this love freely, it has been reflected you in plenty. In a loving embrace, you share your sacred space with those you care for. This loving embrace is intimate and gentle, uplifting, and delightful.


Balance has been restored! The Six of Cups corrects the mistakes of the Five of Cups and bring life back to the suit through harmony and the balanced reunion of male and female energies. This card depicts a male and female character relaxing in the light of the sun - everything is out in the open, both their contentment with the moment and their feelings towards one another. They hold hands as one gives the other a flower symbolizing the sharing and receiving of energy, which is now being brought back into harmony. Around them are six cups, bursting with colorful flowers as life emerges back to the Earth. This describes what happens when water and the Earth find harmony with the Sun - it creates wondrous life everywhere. 

The Six of Cups hold the space of joy, pleasure, childlike innocence, nostalgia, balance, and deep emotional connection. This card is governed by the Sun in Scorpio, which holds the sacred connection in both a youthful and playful sense and developing into a more mature and sensual state of being. 

This card is the result when you embrace your emotional and sensual love and allow this energy to flow to those around you. This doesn't necessarily mean the expression of this card is sexual in nature - but it can be because of the nature of Scorpio's passion. In the end, it's all about embracing the energy of Shakti.

Shakti is a powerful universal energy that manifests in an infinite amount of ways - most commonly, we see it as pure excitement, joy, laughter, and happiness. The core feeling is excitement, and we choose how to channel these feelings. 

Drawing this card might suggest the need to return to your inner child and embrace the wondrous curiosity that children have. A reunion of old friends and the nostalgia that comes along with good times in our past is very significant here and indicates contentment with this moment by appreciating simple joys. As you connect with the fond memories of the past, you are invited to embrace that energy, bringing it with you into this present moment.                


The reverse of the Six of Cups is one of the most difficult reversed energies there is and mirrors its upright component perfectly, both in their quality and extremity. This is the energy of lust, or what happens when we become attached or even addicted to our joy, thus polarizing the joy until it's not joy anymore, but a very hungry desire detached from its origin. We end up acting strange when we act from this place because we are not being guided by our heart, but by our lower centers, which have a feeling of "need" towards that thing. "I don't know what I'll do if I don't get that thing." 

Tremendously relates to sexual energy, and as the six of cups do bear a strong (yet subtle) relationship to a calm and connected sexual energy, its reversal speaks towards that same energy which has attempted to develop itself by force, rather than the natural flow. Ultimately, by this course of action, sexual energy is then diminished rather than developed.  

In a practical sense, the Six of Cups reversed can manifest as being attracted to the wrong types of people who are just not very good for us, which comes as a result of being guided by attraction other than the heart. We may also be unable to express our sexuality in a healthy way, and this, too, can result in turmoil within and in our intimate relationships. 

To turn this reversed card upright, we must acknowledge what we are lusting after, and where our desire shifts from healthy into problematic. By continuing to act from here, we only cause ourselves and others problems and limit the full potential of what we can experience. If we are holding on too tight to these desires, we must surrender and let go. By doing so, we release ourselves of this terrible burden of our sexual pull and ultimately can see ourselves and our desires in a new light. We also then can become more connected with what we really truly want, and that will allow us to attract the right people into our lives, rather than those who might consciously or unconsciously seek to cause us harm or use us for our energy.

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