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Six of Disks










Moon in Taurus


Success, Wealth, Sharing, Balance, Charity, Humanity, Learning and Teaching



The Six of Disks shows that the imbalance of the five has been corrected, and success has been attained through the magic of giving. One patchman finds himself giving his wealth to another who is in need of it more, and the scales in his hands are balanced to show established equilibrium. This card describes that in truth, giving and sharing is what creates harmony in the world.


In the Six of Disks, harmony is found by the realization that everything is sacred, and this shift in consciousness leads to a life in which nothing is taken for granted. Here financial actions are infused with loving wisdom, gifts are given, and the crisis of the past is overcome. This card implies that if you wish to have an abundant life, focus on cultivating the connections you share with others, as these relationships are much more valuable than actual things themselves. In the movement and giving of material possessions, you support the building of a relationship, and you learn to thrive with others.


The Six of Disks is the transition out of financial imbalance and into a state of generosity, which actually creates true wealth. This card signifies notions of giving, wealth, charity, humanity, sharing, and student/teacher relationships. 

A patchman character is shown giving some of his riches to another who is in need. The scales he holds are in balance, describing the balanced state of giving and receiving. When we open ourselves up to the state of this flow, we make room for new experiences to flow back to us as well. Thus, this card can appeal to individuals on both sides of the spectrum, whether you have an abundance to give or are potentially in need of some support.  

Behind these two characters is a great statue of a bull surrounded by six disks representing different planetary bodies. At the top of this statue is the emblem of the moon, which is seen to glow and shimmer outwards. 

This card brings back the balance to the center. Some people give too much and don't receive equally because they might not feel worthy, and others want to gather everything and hold onto all of it without giving anything back. Ultimately, the Six of Disks is a reminder to stay balanced between these two states. 

One of the biggest aspects of this card is charity, and so if you are in a position where you have plenty to give, the Six of Disks indicates that it may be the perfect time to do so. Mind you; this does not necessarily imply giving in the form of money or physical objects, for your time and wisdom can be one of the most valuable things you possess that helps lift someone up and get them back on their feet. Remember that this energy will surely come back around as the wheel of karma continuously turns in our favor when we live from a pure heart space. 

On the flip side, you may be the one who is on the receiving end of things at this point in time. It's important to realize if we have disallowed receiving in the past due to our own insecurities or the feeling of "not wanting to take advantage." Sometimes by receiving gifts when they are given from a loving place, or even just stopping to listen to a wise stranger you meet may be the very thing you needed to help lift you up and move you forward on your own journey! 

You are staying balanced in the ebb and flow of giving and receiving it crucial. This card reminds you of the importance of existing in a state of non-attachment but also cherishing what you already have.


The reverse of the Six of Disks comes in the form of selfishness, rather than sharing. This can look like a number of different things, be it taking advantage of someone else's gifts, or not paying attention to the wisdom that is coming through others. If you are in a position to give but refuse to do so because of your focus on self-interests, then you may begin to take these gifts you have accumulated for granted, which is, in many ways, a measure of false pride. If we embody this energy, we might find ourselves carelessly spending our money on ourselves, or taking actions which will only lead us into debt or other financial struggles. 

To turn this reversed card upright, we must correct our mistakes by recognizing where we have gone wrong financially or as it relates to our material wealth in general; we must make a change within. Realizing if we are going overboard with our spending or hoarding our resources without giving when it's right to - is the first step to fixing this imbalance. If we are on the receiving end and refuse to receive or are even finding ourselves manipulating those around us to give too much will only shirk the responsibility we have towards ourselves and the lives that we are creating. Then we are not creators; we are instead acting as mooches. All of these are simply manifestations of our own selfishness, which actually stems from a lack of love in our lives, and by bringing our own heart into alignment with that which we want in life, we can manifest it honestly rather than from a space of lack of self-worth.

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