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Six of Wands










Jupiter in Leo


Stability, Recognition, Confidence, Strength, Glory, Satisfaction, Triumph, Success



Success is the order of the day! The struggle of the five has been resolved and has led to a new, unified awareness bridging all of the perspectives together under a common banner of connection. This card depicts recognition, confidence, strength, and glory. Here the spiritual will triumphs and the troubles of the past are understood as worth it for the sake of growth!


Victory at last! The previous struggle that you faced is on its way to resolution. In the presence of satisfaction and triumph, you have a moment of success in the spotlight! Congratulations, and keep it up. You have the fire inside, and it burns so very bright!


Success! The Six of Wands is all about success after a struggle, the harmonizing of ideas, and the recognition of victory. Love is the answer, for in order to achieve success we must have applied our love and focus towards that which we struggled with - but in doing so, we have come out with a tremendous new sense of accomplishment which wouldn't have been possible without our full participation. 

This card embodies stability, recognition, glory, triumph, satisfaction, and strength. This card shows a patchman on a horse, surrounded by others who cheer him on and hold up their wands in support. His heart radiates with light as he has now achieved a new level in his spiritual development - and of course, this suggests that you have too! Consider it both an internal and external victory; one that brings you to a new level of confidence, and one that also might cause some heads to turn! 

The energy of this card is very much about public recognition and being acknowledged for your efforts. The most important thing here is that you know you have done well, worked hard and are striving to achieve your highest goals. Even if you are not receiving praise from others, note that the presence of this card, and that you are reading this text right now is the universe sending you waves of "GREAT JOB! CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'RE SO AMAZING!"

Allow yourself the recognition you deserve, but remember not to dwell solely in focusing solely on yourself. This is your time to shine and let others see that light within you, and just remember that this light can be an inspiration to help others emanate their own inner light too. Your success stories can be tremendously inspiring for others who are struggling with similar things that you did, so long as you are humble in how you share them.

Take some time to feel your accomplishments, and then use this inner fire and confidence to move forth with vigor and help inspire those around you to do the same. Or - if you see someone else in the position of victory, don't be afraid to raise your wand in the air and cheer them on!  We're all in this together! If you are in a group, you might even experience this card to suggest that all of you are the ones cheering, and the one on the horse - or the wreath on the wand - is the idea that brought you all to victory in the first place! 

The struggles and challenges you've experienced have helped you grow to the position you're in today, and while there will always be new challenges in the future, they are there to test your spirit and support your growth even further.


The reverse of the Six of Wands is what happens when the feeling of success and victory goes to one's head. The ego is blown up, and they have an overconfident sense of self. Another way to describe this would be one of the seven deadly sins - pride. This ultimately only has one logical outcome; because it no longer holds the purity that it would in the upright reading, there will be a fall from grace - reputation will falter, and then a sense of confidence will be smacked down. 

To turn this reversed card upright, one must recognize when their success and recognition is going to their head. Taking a step back, a deep breath, and humbling ourselves by looking at how much there is still left to accomplish will re-establish the purity depicted in this card. By this act alone you can move into greater harmony with your peers, and may even be seen with greater respect in their hearts and minds towards you because you will have demonstrated a tremendous level of humanity, humility, and self-control.

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