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Ten of Cups










Mars in Pisces


Fulfillment, Completion, Home, Harmony, Happiness, Alignment, New Beginnings, New Cycle



A family runs with joy across the surface of the water to a grand ocean-city floating in the distance. Their tremendous love for each other has brought about a new era for humanity, and humanity thrives because of it. They have reached a level of completion to their great cycle, having achieved all that they set out to do. A new cycle of life is about to begin; Love has fused all of the elements of Spirit and Matter resulting in the perfect moment, where dream and reality are one. The sun shines with deep red energy that cascades out all around it, and in the distance, a dragon can be seen approaching from far away, implying that a new adventure of some kind is on its way.


The Ten of Cups holds a space for your thriving in life, internally and externally. The end of this cycle indicates the beginning of a new one. This card speaks to kindness, harmony, connection, alignment, and everlasting love for each other and all of life. There is a strong energy of a new home become manifest, and the satisfaction which comes from completing a long and perhaps even difficult journey. Well done, open your arms wide and express your love freely! Embrace this feeling of thriving, for soon, you will begin a new journey, and life will continue on.


The Ten of Cups is the completion of the emotional cycle and the start of a new beginning. This card holds the space of satisfaction in the present moment, describing harmony, fulfillment, happiness, and alignment, and this comes along with a sense of "a new adventure is about to begin." 

This card shows a soul family running across the surface of the water, heading in the direction of a great ocean-city floating in the distance. This city is the manifestation of their dreams, as they live happy and free; they thrive and create their dreams as they go. They have now fully grounded that which they sought to accomplish so long ago through this past cycle of the emotional element, manifesting their dream reality and rejoicing in the blessings as they've reached a new level of harmony together. In the sky, ten cups radiate golden light above the city, with a variety of different colors and energies appearing in the surface of the chalices, indicating the variety of experiences that await these characters in the journey they are about to begin.  

Behind the cups, there is an intense red glow blazing out from around the sun, the sky is filled with clouds, and a large dragon in the distance can be seen approaching them; this signals the onset of a new cycle and new adventures that await them, setting the stage for some disruption. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, for who knows what's good or bad. The dragon is not necessarily a positive or negative omen, just a signal of change. 

Despite the coming changes, now is a time to embrace your accomplishments, be satisfied with the work you've done, and allow yourself to marvel at your creations. In this space, there is no fighting, tension, or anger. The environment here is one of thriving, which is filled with great times with your closest family and friends. 

This card pertains heavily to your family and home life, indicating a time both of creating together, and finding satisfaction in your co-creations. It is an important time to bond with your family and establish strong foundations with them. If you have a negative or strained relationship with your family, this card may indicate a need to repair any old issues that separate you from your family members. The energy of this card is very positive; it invites you to look at all the uplifting qualities you share in your relationships, both romantic, friendships, and family dynamics. 

As this is the completion of a cycle, what happens next is up to you, and how you react to new things coming into your life is also upon you entirely. Here you are encouraged to act from that space of inner thriving and to recognize that you are the creator of your reality. You are deeply gifted with the power of the spirit within, and the next steps of your journey are entirely dependant on your choices in any given moment moving forward.


The reverse of the Ten of Cups comes in the form of the opposite of its normal upright reading, misaligned values, and a broken home environment, space where you are left wanting more, and wondering what happened. It is what happens when we are deprived of the essential nourishing water of life, which comes through our deep connections to others, both giving and receiving. It is the basis of depression, for it is the continual feeling of dissatisfied with life that continues to get worse and worse. If there is a struggle with your family, this could be indicated here. Further, it could indicate that there is a relationship that simply is not fulfilling, and a failure to recognize a behavioral pattern which we have carried with us for too long, of seeking and looking to physical things for emotional fulfilment. This then can lead to neglect of what really matters, our emotional connections with others, whether it's people, animals, or nature. 

To turn this reversed card upright, we must honor the connections that we have with our families as well as what we really want within our hearts. Really take a look around you and try to see just how many blessings are in your life. If we cannot see these blessings or do not know the intention of our hearts, we might gain some insight by spending time with those in our life which we may be neglecting and as we repair these connections with each other. We will find that which scared us about connecting with them makes way for a much deeper sense of peace within, and a deeper knowledge as to what it was we were truly seeking on the inside. Here, we find ourselves repairing old wounds from when we were children, and beginning a new journey with more awareness than we previously had, and ideally, some positive behavioral changes too.

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