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The Aeon










The Element of Fire


Gateway, Cleansing, Judgement, Redemption, Newness, Arrival, Seeing, Forgiveness and Integration our Past Selves, Technology, Generations, Change yourself - Change the world



Upon realizing that he is pure light, Patchman is now faced with the final gateway on his journey - the passage through the gates of time, and the advancement into the next part of his journey. He remembers all of the mistakes of his past, forgiving himself and affirming the lessons he gained along the way. His personal changes have affected the world, and together they move through a state of transition. This is the forgiveness and integration of all past activities and the opening of a brand new cycle as a result.


Drawing The Aeon signals a time of great closure and finality, the ending of a chapter in your life, and the advancement to a new level for you. This is a time to come to terms with the mistakes you made throughout your life and to forgive them in order to accept the lessons you learned as a result. These experiences live on inside of you as memories, but no longer need to have any hold over you, as you enter into this new era of your life.


The Aeon signals a time when we are approaching an end to a great cycle. This card is all about the changing of times, and a sense of finality of the old way as we depart from our past selves and cycles and advance into new ones. This card was also traditionally called Judgement because it described a time of the accumulation of Karma as we close out key points in our lives. In this sense, our 'points are tallied'; our decisions and actions of the past will carry us to the natural flow in the new cycle. In this, we find our evolution, the overall big picture "transition" from one chapter of our lives, to another. 

Once you have gone through The Aeon there is no turning back. All of the decisions that you've made in your life leading up to this point have been made, you cannot change the past, but you can reflect upon your experiences - affirming your life lessons and forgiving your past self for the mistakes that you've made. Here we see Patchman rising into space towards a great portal in space, shining with the light of the sun still emanating from his heart from his previous awakening. This describes the great transition that we all go through as we complete stages of our life journey.

The Earth is also seen in a state of major transformation, as the entire planet also begins to move through this Aeon into a new world. The earth itself has taken a 90-degree turn and is beginning to experience two distinct reactions to the new energies it moves into. The top half ascends into light; making its way into a new dimension of light, love, and truth. The bottom half begins to crumble and experience destruction, a necessary step for all particles to reach a higher dimension. You might observe this like the states of water; in order for water to move from ice to steam, it must shift its molecular frequency several times in order to rise.

In this card, many spirits are seen ascending upward from the planet too, rising into a new world in the higher dimensions along with the planet. The rising of a phoenix behind Patchman signifies the rebirth we experience as we pass key points on our journey. 

You are coming to the beginning of the end. The Aeon represents a time of completion, endings, transformation, and a solidification of a new way of life. This is an exciting time because ultimately, it is up to you what new changes you create. This is often a great time to look back and see how far you've come and all that you've done on this past cycle so that you can gain a sense of where you may go from here. In a completely practical sense, an example of what this card describes could be seen as graduating from high school; a major turning point in one's life which by the passage of time will never be returned to in the same way. After this point in time, we establish an entirely new way of being and ground some fresh new changes into our lives.

Through a period of self-evaluation, you can learn what you truly want and how to make it happen; when you pull this card at a crossroads in your life, it is time for you to ask the question: Where will you go next? 

The answers will come when you listen within and take note of everything around you. An important part of this card is that it describes that we all have an effect on the world around us, but we are also affected by our environment too. If you feel you are being called somewhere in life, this card reminds you to listen to that beckoning. Jump through the gateway, and don't get stuck in the destruction of the old earth. 

You must remember that all that you are feeling and experiencing is a result of your actions and decisions that you've made along the way. Whatever you experienced as good and bad were the results and consequences of all actions, and the accumulation of all of the experiences as described by every previous card spanning back to the very first steps you took when you began your spiritual journey, or at least this particular cycle of it. Remember to forgive yourself too, for anything you still might be holding onto; once you are passed the Aeon, these experiences will be memories but bear no influence over you or your life. 

These are the final steps of change in your life; keep your head up, your heart open, and enjoy the ride!


The reversal of The Aeon would describe the regression of our evolution. The "going backward" or passing through the portal only to come up with the exact same issues and challenges of our past. This is a result of us not learning the lessons we were meant to learn the first time, and so we must repeat the lesson, repeat the cycle - retrogress in our learnings and do it over again. The reversal of this card would further then describe the inability to look at one's past and forgive themselves, taking this negative energy with us into our new way of life, which really just recycles the same story again and again. Ignorance is bliss, but once you know better - it is up to you to right the wrong, correct the imbalance, and make changes in life where necessary. If you refuse to examine yourself or acknowledge your actions, then this 'judgment' can be seen as a terrible karmic beast out to get you… remember, you brought this feeling upon yourself, and you can correct it too, by making things right with your soul. The only way to move forward and evolve is if we have learned our lessons, so that we may step into the next one. 

To turn this reversed card upright, you might consider that life is filled with crossroads and turning points, and this new turning point might just be the opportunity to make a change for the better. You don't need a celestial alignment or some big event to make a change; all that is necessary is the willpower within! Even though it might be hard, if you affirm to yourself that you are willing and ready to change, face whatever consequences of the past for your actions, and begin making things right in your life - you can absolutely do that! The very setting of the intention to do so will mark a tremendous new period in your life which will ultimately be the beginnings of greatness for your spiritual, mental, and emotional expansion!

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