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The All










The Bridge between Man and God


Everything, Creation, Power, Pathways, Knowledge, Learning, Forever



The All depicts an infinite field of Spirit manifesting a never-ending spiral creation of holy temples, representing the infinite ways of appreciating and honoring Spirit. The planets are aligned along this vortex pillar as well, depicting the celestial chakras as we comprehend them. This card is tethered to Da'at on the Tree of Life, which represents knowledge, the bridge between idea, and what we call reality. It is the only true measure of how we may come to know God.


When drawn in a reading, The All describes that in essence, anything can happen. There is an infinite amount of subjects to learn; there is an infinite number of pathways to explore. While we may be limited, our souls (and the Spirit they emerge from), are eternal. Thus, this card represents an opportunity to compassionately embrace a lesson we are learning, or let go and let flow, depending on the orientation of the card when drawn.


The All is perhaps one of the most significant God Cards of all because it brings all of the consciousness of the previous three cards back into the Tree of Life; the hidden Sephira known as Da'at. This Sephira is not necessarily even a Sephira, or perhaps it is better to describe it as the voidness where a Sephira should be; however in our human consciousness we have experienced a fall, and in falling we lost our connection to the higher powers of the cosmos - Da'at is that bridge. 

Therefore, the nature of this card - The All, actually indicates that it is possible to connect with the higher forces of creation, and connect with pure Spirit, and we do this by elevating our consciousness higher and higher, challenging and overcoming our fears, letting go of our earthly selves, and unifying our consciousness with the higher mind that brought everything into being. 

The image of this card depicts the final perspective on the recurring sequence of the previous cards - showing the infinite and eternal splendor of ALL walks of life. An infinite vortex spirals from above and below with great rings, with temples upon temples of all of the world's sacred belief systems all existing together as a way of honoring that which is divine. This appears in this way in order to express that it truly matters not which religion or belief system you follow, if you are honoring the divine: you are honoring the divine. All roads lead up the same mountain, it matters not which road you take; though some roads may be quicker in this way, or slower that way - the fundamental truth remains the same: Life is about Learning.

Therefore, the upright and reverse keys for The All is "Embrace" and "Release", which may also be interpreted as "Learn" and "Teach", in that to embrace something is to fully allow it to encompass your mind and heart - allowing the concept to permeate your being in order to fully understand it. This is the basis of true knowing. Release, on the other hand, describes the sharing and expression of that which was embraced, allowing the information to flow through you and into everything around you, sharing this expression with the world and touching the hearts of those who are willing to embrace what you have to share. 

The All reminds us that we are One with the All, but we are not all of it… unless we choose to be, then one day, at the end of all time: we may.

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