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The Prince of Disks

the royal arcana Nov 17, 2019





Tiphareth in Assiah


הישע - תראפת


2/3rds Taurus, 1/3rd Aries / Airy aspect of Earth


Industrious, Inventive, Manager, Efficiency, Meditative, Stable, Routine, Conservative



The Prince of Disks sits atop a flowering tree as butterflies flock to pollinate, petals scattering in the wind. He holds a globe in his hands as an ox and cart sit in the fields behind him. He is a steadfast instrument, bringing great thought to practical affairs, ready to best the task set before him with unwavering reliability.


The Prince of Disks is an indication of your thoughtful and diligent self. It speaks to the capable manager within you, able to handle a multitude of thoughts and activities at once, unifying them to solve the overall problem. You are accomplishing the task at hand. The appearance of The Prince of Disks describes a slow-moving, thoughtful and inventive mind, which lends itself to the practical job that lies ahead.


The Prince of Disks represents an aspect of ourselves that is very hardworking, thoughtful, and industrious. He's depicted sitting on top of a tree surrounded by beautiful butterflies as they come to pollinate the flowers. He holds the world in his hands which have several latitudes and longitude lines across them, signifying his strong mental capabilities. 

An ox pulls a cart in the background, representing his hard-working, physical laboring qualities. The Prince of Disks is very stable, inventive and meditative at the same time. He is often very slow-moving, thus the combination of hard work and a meditative mind create very solid and real solutions to physical problems. He is methodical and practical in his approach to creative projects and creates tangible, long-lasting results because of his ability to see something through until completion. 

The Prince of Disks indicates a time to truly set your mind to something and see it through. It is a great opportunity in relation to work and business affairs. The energy of this prince embodies that of a manager; someone who can plan out projects and coordinate groups of people. While sometimes he can be dull at times (what with his lack of water or fire in his energetic makeup), he is a determined worker who accomplishes anything he sets his mind to. 

He can represent someone in your life, perhaps a manager or business partner of sorts, or even simply an aspect of yourself. This is a part of us that can be a perfectionist at times; it is essential to look at every detail of your creations to ensure they are manifested just as you desire. The more you work and focus on your creations, the brighter they will shine for the world to enjoy.


With the Prince of Disks reversed, we see a character who has become obstinate in his behavior, and his stubbornness got the better of him. By being attached to his ways of thinking, he plows ahead even though this may not be the best course of action, and potentially makes even more work for himself down the road in this way. He lacks the Water and Fire elements of his parents, and so he is generally not very emotionally connected to others, more focused on his thoughts and his work; but that said, this trait turned reversed can make him, even more, colder towards others. Instead of simply being disconnected to them, he can be hurtful or at the very least, rather sarcastic and cynical. 

To turn this reversed card upright, we have to see and acknowledge the balance between work and play. Our work is important, and your passion for this work is equally just as valuable. However, if you are finding that you are working yourself to the point that when others approach you, you treat them in a way that is less than how you yourself would like to be treated, then there is a problem that needs some acknowledgment. Just allowing yourself a rest for a moment to relax and see what's going on inside of you, so that you can jump back into the work later with a clear mind and an open heart, will make all of the difference in the world.

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