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The Prince of Wands






Tiphareth in Atziluth


תוליצא - תראפת


2/3rds Leo, 1/3rd Cancer / Airy aspect of Fire


Inspiration, Friendly, Creativity, Impulse, Active, Swift, Generous, Strong, Violent, Storm, Smoke



The Prince of Wands stands upon his fiery chariot with his wand held high, the Flower of Life exploding from its tip! His chariot is drawn by a lion who marches forward with pride, and the plumes of smoke erupting behind him signal that his creative motion is abundantly generous. He is the mind applied to spiritual will, and brings impulsive, willful energy to all that he does. 


The Prince of Wands is an invitation to unify the mind and creative will. By forging mind and creative will in the fires of the heart, conscious thought is fused with explosive inspiration, thus producing focused creativity. Be wary though, for The Prince of Wands can be reckless and burn without thought to consequence, for the heart loves without fear. Make sure you are balanced within, before expanding externally.


The Prince of Wands is all about our spiritual will fused with our thoughts by the power of our hearts. He embodies the energy of creativity, inspiration, swiftness, and strength, and is a very generous and friendly character. In this card, he stands on his chariot with one hand holding a wand, raised to the sky with an explosion of the flower of life emanating around the tip. His excitement is so grand that he cannot bear to sit while charging forth; his chariot pulled by a fiery lion, representing a movement with courage and strength. 

The personality traits associated with this character are friendly and active. He is very moral, with a great deal of honesty, loyalty, and integrity guiding his movements. He is both very intellectual, always striving to create from the heart. 

The Prince of Wands is a fusion of air and fire; the balance between the mental and the creative will. Pulling this card is a reminder to apply thought to your creative ideas, and the opportunities that present themselves to you at this time. There are many avenues you can take in your life, but the paths you focus most intently on are ultimately the things you will bring to manifestation. 

Hence, the more balanced you are in your thoughts, the more balanced your actions will be, for all actions stem from the realm of your thoughts first. On the Qabalah he sits on Tiphareth, the center for sacrifice between force into form, and thus the Prince of Wands applies the developed energy of his father and mother before him and begins to generate actual concepts which can further be applied to matter. 

This is a time to apply focused mental attention to the situations in your life, so you can consciously manifest the outcomes you desire. This is an energy you can embody yourself, or find within someone else to use as an inspiration.


The Prince of Wands reversed describes what happens when the explosive energy of the prince comes out in manners that are not aligned with the heart. His intense passion can become despotic, impulsive, and cause damage in all directions. Being so mentally focused, this prince can also become very wrapped up in his head, restless. With his connection to Leo, it can denote an overwhelming sense of pride and ego, disconnecting him from the awareness that he is still connected with everyone and everything around him. From this place, his actions can become intentionally or unintentionally cruel. 

To turn this reversed card upright, we must see how the Prince of Wands needs to be connected to the heart center in order to fulfill his destiny of bringing new creations into being with harmony and love. He is naturally very friendly and kind, and so embodying a state of selflessness and asking "what is best for everyone?" is the first and most important step in stepping out of the ego, and into the higher heart. By doing so, and living in this higher state of consciousness, our creative actions become aligned with our highest will, and we step into being who we were truly born to be. 

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