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The Princess of Cups






Malkuth in Briah


האירב - תוכלמ


Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius


Grace, Gentleness, Dreamy, Romantic, Kind, Fulfillment, Relationship, Crystallization



The Princess of Cups descends from water and crystallizes into snowflakes, demonstrating the materialization of consciousness in a fluid-like motion. She lives in a dreamy world of romance, encapsulated by the love of her Mother, filled with intuition and fantasy within, and formed of water and ice without, the power of giving life to an idea and feeling.


When you draw The Princess of Cups, the potential is there to feel the wonder of all of your dreams within, and potentially even bring these feelings into the world to share with everyone around you. She is the power of water itself, our most precious gift on earth, and that which gives life to thoughts and feelings. This may be in combination with another or all within yourself. The Princess embodies the perfection of kindness, sweetness, gentleness, and tenderness.


The energy of the Princess of Cups is very sweet; she is gentle, dreamy and graceful in nature. She appears to be hanging upside down, but in truth, her body pours from the water above and crystallizes into ice. By the emotional nature of the watery element, she exists in an inner dream world of her own fantasies, limited only by her imagination. The one challenge of this character is that is she is not very physically grounded, despite being on the sephiroth of Malkuth. Therefore, she often can lose herself to her own fantasies, and lose sight of the physical world before her. 

When you draw this card, it speaks towards your inner realms, and to allow yourself to feel all of the feelings associated with the dreams in your mind. By doing so, you find yourself living your life differently, reacting to things differently because you are in a state of fantasy within. 

The Princess of Cups lives fully in her heart, she exists in a state of pure ecstasy where all things are possible, and invites you to allow your purest emotions to come through you and to act on them. When we fully live from this place and also pay attention to all of the aspects of our lives, we can respond to the world as if it really is all just a big adventure game that we're playing. The external and the internal reflect each other, and so in truth: it actually is! 

This card is also the embodiment of new beginnings, either in your physical life or emotionally within you. It calls you to slip into your inner female energy - the part of you that is sweet, kind, caring and nurturing. It is an aspect of ourselves that deeply loves and cares for things; this aspect of all of us which can sometimes become buried under the logic and rationale of the mind. If you find yourself having trouble tapping into this part of yourself, it might be time to meditate on opening your heart center. You can also spend time with someone who embodies this energy in your life, which may also be indicated by the presence of this character. 

The Princess of Cups uses emotional reasoning and intuition to gain knowledge and understanding, and this card indicates it's time for you to do so as well. Tap into that gentle side of yourself that emanates love the reason that you simply can and want to!


The Princess of Cups lacks a great deal of physical energy, other than that she herself represents the element of Earth. Much like physical water, she conforms to whatever container there is around her, and this can be her greatest blessing and curse. When reversed, the Princess of Cups can become lost to her own inner fantasies, to the point that she is no longer connected with anything that is going on in the world around her. One word for this might be aloof, so focused on her inner world that she ceases to give her an endless supply of love to anyone but herself. In response to this behavior she may be described as a shallow person, or at the very least, one who does not express her true depth.

To turn this reversed card upright, you are encouraged to open up your whole self to those around you and share in heartfelt communication what you are thinking and feeling. You know that you have a lot going on inside of you, and with so many feelings it may sometimes be hard to know what to express first. However, the question is not about what needs to be expressed first or second, but rather - the flow itself. By allowing the feelings to flow, they will naturally come out in the right order. Once flowing, you won't have to worry anymore about holding on or stamping out, but just letting things be, and living in your inner truth. Embody the inner world of your dreams and fantasies, and share those feelings by the way that you live your life.

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