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The Princess of Disks






Malkuth in Assiah


הישע - תוכלמ


Aries, Taurus, and Gemini / Earthy aspect of Earth


Spirituality, Crystallization, Birth, Life, Beautiful, Benevolent, Pure, Fertile, Essence of Woman, Absorb, Re-Create



The Princess of Disks is the supreme harmonizer, gathering all of the elements within her to hold and birth the ultimate manifestation: life itself here on earth. She is pregnant with life and holds a great crystal above her head which reflects and transmutes the light from above, giving it form in this physical realm.


When you draw the Princess of Disks, it signifies the ultimate manifestation of any particular thing in this dimension. She is the grounding and crystallization of dreams, the birth of life, the thread of secret wonder which moves through all beings. She invites you to embody your inner divine feminine, for she can manifest anything that she sets her heart upon.


The Princess of Disks is very unique, because she is not a singular aspect of personality, but rather represents the core essence of womanhood itself; the ability to transmute matter from one form to another, such as the power the earth itself has over all of life on the planet - taking in anything, breaking it down within its body, and recreating it as something natural and beautiful. In this card, the Princess is pregnant with life itself, describing that the nature of this card is to produce and manifest anything in a complete and beautiful state. As a harmonizer, she is at the center of all four elements, especially appearing here on Malkuth at the bottom of the Tree of Life. She holds up a crystal, which is the disk in this card; reflecting the light and truth from above and beyond.

The Princess of Disks embodies the energy of life, purity, beauty, spirituality, and benevolence. She is the energy of the divine feminine personified in a character. Her ability to manifest is immense because it is not limited to a single element, through her flows the water of life, the stability of earth, the spark of fire and the motion of air, simply by her embodying the pure physical earth - despite not having any of these elements within her; she is a connector of all of the divine forces. 

This card invites you to BE, rather than DO. It isn't necessarily about knowing what to do at the moment, but rather embodying an understanding from your heart which will guide you exactly where you need to go, and into the actions that need doing. This is an inherent quality we all have within us, yet it takes the conscious decision to embody it fully. 

This card can also signify a new beginning in your life; from a new job, project, friendship or even a realization; the Princess of Disks represents a sacred birth; from this birth anything can stem into fruition, all it takes is your focus and forward motion to ensure that it is secured, regardless of what ingredients you put into it. 

Take the time to meditate on the divine feminine aspects within you; this energy exists beyond the concept of gender - it is something already present within all of us. From this space of pure loving intention, truly anything is possible and bringing that energy into our physical reality allows us to manifest anything we set our mind and heart to.                


The reversed Princess of Disks describes the impure transmutation - the rotting of stale energy. It is called Debase because structurally it grows into a less refined form, rather than a more purified one. This is the more stubborn aspect of her character, typified by not being in touch with nature or life in general, it can lead to the creation of things which are not in alignment with the heart, or something that serves no sacred purpose. It is also possible that ultimately it represents nothing could manifest at all, because by this disconnect to the natural flows, you might have a struggle bringing anything to fruition, and this can lead to feelings of complacency, and rapidly changing your mind all too often with zero levels of love towards those around you, or that which you wish to accomplish.

To turn this reversed card upright, we must very simply be love! By embodying states of pure love, we can go beyond all of the struggles of the mind, the challenges of the will, and the fluctuations of the emotional states. By grounding in love, it does not matter what comes your way, all energies can be taken into you, and all energies can be transmuted into manifestations of light!

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