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The Princess of Swords






Malkuth in Yetzirah


הריצי - תוכלמ


Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces / Earthy aspect of Air


Birth, Realize, Manifest, Destructive Logic, Practicality, Impulse, Serious, Aggressive, Creation through Destruction



The Princess of Swords descends from Heaven with a great and mighty longsword. As she thinks it, the tip of the sword erupts in light, spiraling the Fruit of Life from its center, and emanating a vesica pisces. Within it, the beginnings of the Earth manifest. This is the thought which created the physical cosmos.


When you draw The Princess of Swords, the invitation to ground and materialize your ideas, by whatever means possible. This is the application of thought to the physical world, with a practical (and potentially destructive), nature. As you bring your ideas into form, do not take heed of your old way of being, allow the new way to override the old. Fear not the destruction that this will bring. It is the Princesses' nature, as she embodies the birth of the new.


The Princess of Swords is the attempt at the physical manifestation of new thoughts and ideas. She embodies the energy of birth, creation, manifestation, impulsivity, and seriousness. The process of bringing thoughts into the physical can be observed as tremendously destructive, for in order for the new to take hold, the old often must be broken down in the process. 

She is drawn as descending from the heavens, holding a large sword and aiming it downwards. The tip of the sword bursts with light, birthing a fruit of life from its center. From here, the earth comes into manifestation, and she acts as a connection between the physical dimension and the higher above. 

This card invites you to ground your ideas into the physical world. The Princess of Swords is all about bringing down your thoughts into the earthly realm of reality. 

She is often described as aggressive and serious, and this is an important energy to embody in some respects. Uprooting the ground to create fresh soil can be seen as an aggressive act, but this is merely the foundation required to create a beautiful garden for new things to grow; sometimes that forceful push forward is what we need to get our creative actions in motion. 

Ultimately, the Princess of Swords is here to teach us that we can strive to create what we want even if it means some old things have to go away as a result. You will be very happy with what you create if only you are willing to see it through; it will be hard work and take some practicality, but you can do anything you set your mind and body to.


The Princess of Swords reversed can describe a rather destructive logic, cruelty, and maliciousness. It's like the raw destructive power of the princess but without any sense of "bigger picture", and thus is devoid of emotion, compassion, or love. In this, we find perhaps one of the worst qualities of the Princess of Swords, wastefulness. Sometimes we become over-excited or are not paying attention and end up uprooting everything in order to plant our gardens, but if we are not mindful we might uproot and waste a great deal of our own energy and the creations that came before when they did not need to be destroyed, and this will only lead to heavier feelings across the board. 

To turn this card upright, it's important to balance our emotional being with our rational and logical mind, for thought without any emotion can sometimes lead to rash outcomes. Before we take action and begin our creative process, we should make certain that everyone around us is alright with our actions, in case it does uproot some prior plans or activities that were taking place. At the very least, ensuring that this action you are taking is designed to work for everyone, and not just yourself is one of the biggest blessings you can bring through as you embody the spirit of this royal character.                

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