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The Queen of Disks

the royal arcana Nov 16, 2019





Binah in Assiah


הישע - הניב


2/3rds Capricorn, 1/3rd Sagittarius / Watery aspect of Earth


Practical, Nurturing, Flow, Motherly, Fertility, Quiet, Calm, Relaxed but Hardworking



The Queen of Disks strides along a riverbed, watching the flow of water as it cuts through the earth, bringing nourishment to life both inside and outside the water. She is the mother of the earth, embodying the fertility and heart which is required to sustain and maintain life on this planet.


The Queen of Disks is a quiet, diligent, practical and home-oriented woman, holding an awareness of her material affairs while putting tremendous emotional love into her surrendered action. She makes sure to nurture and take care of those around her. When you draw The Queen of Disks, it is an invitation for the warm, motherly energy in your heart to take care of the material affairs that require it.


The Queen of Disks embodies the emotional side of the physical. She combines her nurturing and motherly energies with physical reality to bring forth the most beautiful creations, taking special care of everything she lays her hands upon. 

She is incredibly hard-working yet would never boast about her determination, she is practical and intrinsically connected with the earth. Everything she does is done with joy and the deepest of love, making sure to be very nurturing no matter what project or person she works with. She can generally be a more quiet and relaxed woman but is always the one who works hard even when no one is looking, ensuring the tasks get done.

In the image, the Queen of Disks stands beside a flowing river teeming with life as a fish jumps from the water. In the distance can be seen as a replenishing oasis beside a great throne. On the top sits a crystal, representing the physical growth of life as it strives to return back to the source itself. 

This card reminds us to put love into our work, and into everything we do in life. The energy of this card is maternal, it asks us to bring forth deep compassion for ourselves and those around us. 

The Queen of Disks works until the job is done, and invites you to embody this forward motion in your own projects, ideas, and desires in life! She may also represent a person in your life, perhaps a mother or guardian figure who has a natural understanding of how to take care of others, and one who you might learn from if you seek out their wisdom. 

Focus on at the task at hand with diligence and love in your heart, and don't worry about making sure that others recognize you for your work; your work will speak for itself once it's done.


The Queen of Disks reversed describes her energy now becoming dependent on others for support, rather than her natural stance of being tremendously supportive to all of those around her. This likely stems from an inner emotional or physical trauma of some kind, and so results in moody or even foolish states of being. In this weakened state, it describes that your efforts may be being stopped by some others at this time, and you may need to grow and adapt to this circumstance in order to overcome the challenge. Finally, the reversed Queen of Disks speaks towards an overall lack of confidence and one that can cause a great deal of suffering if allowed to fester and grow. 

To turn this reversed card upright, we really have to connect with our inner motherly energy, which might even mean connecting with our actual mothers. You see, you have so much within you, but sometimes the energy can become blocked and we may even need the nurturing ourselves to get that motherly love flowing again. By recognizing that inner tender provider within us, and giving it some time and care, it can continue to grow, eventually overflowing, pouring out love to those around you, wherever you find others in need.

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