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The Queen of Wands






Binah in Atziluth


תוליצא - הניב


2/3rds Aries, 1/3rd Pisces / Watery aspect of Fire


Adaptable, Attractive, Fluid, Calm, Persistent Energy, Love, Understanding, Supportive



The Queen of Wands is seated on her fiery throne, supporting and nurturing her powerful intuition. She is tremendously adaptable, filled with love and understanding. Being the balance of water and fire, she is the fluidity and color of fire and strives to unite those two elements through her own being.


The Queen of Wands invites you to observe and reflect upon your own inner spirituality. Through patient reflection, you may gain the knowledge of what you truly want, and cultivate the willpower to step upon the pathway to create it. This card also highlights the emotions behind your spiritual will. What are your emotions and visions conveying to you?


The Queen of Wands is the fiery, pure divine feminine energy in motion. She balances the forces of water and fire, bringing forth nurturing and reflective energy to the creative spark within her. Both an observer and a creator, she is very active internally and externally in her reality; embodying both the development of creative ideas with the nurturing feminine energy and inner reflectiveness required to allow these concepts to fully mature. 

In the card, she sits on her throne with her hand raised over some sunflowers, symbolizing her ability to create life itself. In her other hand, she holds a fiery wand sprouting the tree of life at the top. In the flames behind her, there can be seen a cat with a crescent moon on its forehead, a symbol of the power of fire in its more relaxed aspect, with a subtle hint of lunar reflectiveness.

The queen vibrates vibrancy and light, for she has done the spiritual work to resolve issues of the past, giving her strength and courage. This big aspect of her then becomes that of a leader, facilitator, and an inspiration to those around her. This very energy she emits can create motion in the environment around her, drawing in support and attention from all who see her power.

Her other aspect is emotional fluidity, for she is very observant and reflective in nature. The Queen of Wands brings forth both the left and right brain within her divine femininity; fusing fire and water together is not an easy task in the least. 

This card reminds us to take the time to reflect, and connect with ourselves and our current reality; to observe what nurturing actions may be required, and then to fulfill those necessities. 

Take the time to meditate on your emotional state. How are you feeling overall? Is there something you wish to change in your life? The Queen of Wands embodies the energy of inner motion; the ability to internally shift and grow when it's time; do not resist the natural flow of your life, but seek instead to resolve the struggles of the past and move forward as a symbol for others to follow in your wake. 

If the presence of The Queen of Wands feels more as though it describes someone besides you in your life, then it may be wise to seek out this person who matches the descriptions of her character above, and seek guidance and support from them; honoring that we have much to learn from everyone we meet in our lives. 


The personality traits of The Queen of Wands in their reversed position describes a quick-tempered or even tyrannical leader, one who is not taking the time to fully nurture or explore what is going on inside, acting on boiling emotions and without clarity of intention. She can become reckless and jealous, and behave purely out of ego with a complete disconnect from the higher mind. Her position implies that she has a great deal of power, and so it is best to be very wary when this card is drawn in reverse, for it can describe a great deal of aggression in the place of nurturing support. 

To turn this reversed card upright, we must consider the cost of our emotions when acting from a place that is not the heart. By taking the time to observe and reflect on our emotions and allow ourselves to see where they come from, we can better understand ourselves and grow from our experiences. If we instead struggle against our past and refuse to let go, we can only cause ourselves and those around us more harm, and the wheel of karma will come back and bite us when we least expect it.

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