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The Star












Hope, Inspiration, Love, Truth, Faith, Beauty, Aspirations, Dreams, Spirituality, Joy



The Star depicts Patchman as a celestial goddess embodying the spirit of Aquarius, who raises a cup to the heavens to receive and transmit tremendous inspiration and hope from the infinite cosmos above, and channels it through her body into the earth below through another cup. In this, The Star represents the guiding light, the renewal of inspiration and faith that moves through us and lifts us up high. It is a reminder to always follow our dreams.


The appearance of The Star beckons you to connect with your faith at the highest level and use this connection as an inspiration to bring your dreams into the world. The stars are very far away and indicate that there may be some time required to pass before we can bring these dreams into complete fruition, but we can still have faith, live an inspired life and express ourselves fully. This inner resolve sets a course towards the future we wish to realize.


With The Tower having crumbled bringing an end to the old paradigm of being, we are now free to observe The Star! It shines bright in the darkness with a radiant glow, a light that never goes out no matter how dark the night becomes. The simple meaning of this card is to look to the heavens and draw inspiration from the majesty and awe that is the cosmos. In a simple word, this can be described as faith. Even though they are so far away from us, the light of the stars still reaches us, a symbol of our connection to everything. When we have faith in the universe, we embody the spirit that everything is going to work out in the end, and this light shines through us to all those whom we interact with. 

In this image, Patchman embodies the celestial goddess Nuith and the spirit of Aquarius. She draws quantum wisdom and light into the golden cup she holds above her head, channeling it down through her body, and brings it into the earth below. This is done through the power of her emotions, represented by the suit of cups. This star that she connects with is a guiding light, reminding us to look to the light when we feel lost and needing of guidance. 

The Star is very related to card nine - Passion, because The Star is eighteen, of which the cross sum equals nine. The main difference here is that Passion draws strength from within, our root animal and spiritual instincts and the planet herself, where the Star now looks outwards and to the heavens for life-force energy, and compels the soul higher into light. 

When you pull this card, it signifies the importance of opening yourself up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to allow new understandings to flow to you. Lift your head to the sky and breath in new possibilities for yourself. This can look like taking in something that deeply inspires you, speaking with someone who lifts you up, or absorbing new information which supports your spiritual ascent. At the very least, it simply requires looking beyond the small and limited self, and see beyond - to the greater I Am that is the entire universe. 

Trust what is happening to you is all within a divine plan and part of a cosmic flow, and it will tremendously further your personal growth, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. Remember to trust the universe even in the darkest of times, for the stars shine no matter what. There is nothing to fear when you live with an open heart, just look to that which inspires you, and you will be well on your way!


Upright, The Star embodies a guiding light, living in the moment, and confidence in nature and life. Thus, the reversed meaning of the card most often relates to the illusions which sway us from our true inner calling and the despair that comes along with the lack of faith. Sometimes that which shimmers is not always a brilliant star but fools gold which pulls you in and distracts your ego, pulling you away from your path. This can often manifest when we show a lack of faith towards our true calling, putting us into a state of discouragement towards ourselves, or disconnecting us from that which inspires us. One final interpretation of this is that we have become disconnected from all sense of hope or faith in our lives, and thus are disconnected from our spiritual side altogether. 

To turn this reversed card upright, we simply must connect with how we are feeling in relation to that which we may be absorbed into. If our inspiration actually is causing us damage and we realize we are hurting ourselves, then we can begin the process of letting go, and seeing something greater, beyond that which is consuming us. Remember, when we say "I don't want that", we are only pushing away on the things that we don't want, but not focusing on anything that we do. In this way, we cannot see the truth and are actually still controlled by that which has sway over us from a state of resistance. Only by letting go of saying "I don't want" and changing our focus to "I do want", can we actually begin to realize how we might be able to manifest the subject of our dreams. Doing this is also a powerful way to reconnect with our hopes when we are feeling altogether hopeless, and sometimes a change in environment is required in order to look at things differently, and see life through a bigger lens. Get out into nature, go camping and see the stars! You'll realize how small things really are in compared to the grand scheme of things for certain.

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