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Three of Cups










Mercury in Cancer


Mysterious Ideas Born, Fulfillment of Love and Joy, Fertility, Accomplishment, Creativity, Friendship, Community



Three souls have gathered together to embrace each other in conscious creation. Through this collaboration, they have materialized a multitude of delicious fruit which together they share and enjoy! They have generated a creative space where only harmonious things can come into being. This is a card of friendship, creativity, community, and satisfaction.


The fertile garden is lush with the fruits of abundance. In doing what you love and loving what you do, pleasure and accomplishment lead the way to a majestic growing and blossoming. In this, take some time to acknowledge the abundance that exists all around you, and always remember to do what you love, and love what you do. If you are not in alignment with your heart's calling, then this card may indicate a shift to transform your occupation into one that is.


The Three of Cups embody abundance; emotions with a purpose. It invites us to do what we love, and love what we do. From this space, we can create and accomplish anything that our hearts desire. This card holds the energy of community, celebration, fertility, accomplishment, and mysterious ideas being born. This can look like putting yourself out there, bursting with energy and passion towards whatever is deep in your heart.

In this card, three characters hold onto three cups, pointed towards the center, and flow their creative energies into the center, forming a number of sacred geometries in and around them. These forms appear as a trinity, a Merkaba, and the fruit of life; and together this implies the fruits of their labor coming into being when they all work together as a family, and share a divine purpose in their heart as to what they wish to accomplish. As a result, the garden around them is very fertile, teeming with the fruits of their accomplishments. 

The Three of Cups reminds us that there are truly no limits in the cosmic sense. At a certain level of existence, there is nothing but infinite formless power, which dictates that limitations in the physical dimension are created and maintained by our own perception of them. With that in mind, the physically observable limitations in the tangible world may appear to exist, but this does not dictate any actual lack, or that these perceived limitations are a bad thing; they are merely ingredients to work with as we pursue our passions. You have everything you need to do what you came here to do. When there is a free flow of energy between you and others, you create a spiral of the infinite creation, and the limitations are observed as blessings instead. 

As water is emotional, intuitive and energetically female in nature, this card may signify a time to turn to the women or those with strong female energy in your life and connect with the abundance of compassion and support that the divine nurturing feminine can bring. 

Thus we find this card heralds a very social and communicative time; a period to create harmonious relationships between you and those around you. It may represent a solution being found if there had been miscommunication or problems within some of your relationships in the past. This card could also represent starting new projects and establishing a social purpose. 

On a higher level, the Three of Cups is about community and groups of people gathering together to focus and create a common goal. This may look like taking part in a group or getting into the spirit of teamwork. At the very least, it can look like being neighborly, or both extending and receiving hospitality from others. In your communion with those close to you, you share in an abundance of unifying love that connects all things together. Enjoy the abundances that life has to offer; the more you focus on this feeling of growth, the more growth you will experience in all aspects of your life!


The reversal of the Three of Cups takes the regular energy of this card to an extreme. When we are acting extravagantly, we sow the seeds of decay by being overindulgent or not honoring the needs of the many. This describes the energy of gluttony; the desire to consume with a never-ending hunger that is never satiated. All of these feelings and states of being will ultimately lead to stifled creativity, and can especially impact communication if left unchecked. In its darkest of states, the reversed Three of Cups can sometimes imply an affair or having too many people involved in a situation. 

To turn this reversed card upright, communication becomes the secret key that will unlock the doors to the harmony and success we seek. In order for everyone to win, there has to be completely open and honest communication about what is happening and what everyone is feeling. By coming together as a community, and feeling into what is truly in each person's heart, there can be a softening of any hardened shells, and a coming together around a unified goal or plan. By openly sharing our vulnerability with each other we can gain a greater understanding that we are, in fact, not alone. There are others who feel exactly as we do, and maybe they too were afraid to express these feelings. By opening up, you break through that fear and are able to find harmony with others again. 

Finally, if overabundance is the problem, then we must honor the gifts that have come into our lives and humble ourselves by taking account of our needs versus our wants. We may even give some of our gifts away, and find someone who needs them more than we do. Giving begins the process of receiving if we hoard all our possessions we create the idea of lack within ourselves and will only manifest more lack as a result. By opening ourselves and giving freely we show that we have faith in the universe, this action will, in turn, bring many wonderful blessings our way.

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