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Two of Cups










Venus in Cancer


Love, Compassion, Pleasure, Mirth, Harmony, Joy, Oneness, Attraction, Relationship, Partnership, Purity



The purest manifestation of water, the Two of Cups embodies unified connectedness, by allowing the complete embrace of two distinct energies (whether they are external, or internal). Harmony, compassion, friendship, and Love are the orders of the day. This card represents an outpouring of love, in the most profound sense.


What is within you mirrors what is without you. Relax and allow everything to flow and be, for there is nothing more beautiful than an outward appearance that reflects the inner nature of the soul. Your heart knows exactly what to do and/or say in each moment, so be present to hear its advice. If you give yourself to Love, you will realize there is nothing more to fear.


Love is the order of the day! The Two of Cups represent pleasure, harmony, joy, mirth and the unity among dualities; and the experience of knowing and living oneness. 

This card takes the seed of our emotions and plants it in fertile soil, manifesting outward expressions of emotions and love for everything and everyone. The image of this card depicts two cups bursting from the sea with shimmering water. Two patchman people, a man, and a woman emerge from these cups and hold each other with a loving embrace. Their arms extend out, sharing their love with each other and extending it to the rest of the world.

Behind them, a large rainbow lotus flower emerges from the water and blooms into the sky. Two dolphins jump from the water and touch noses, describing the unity and love inherent among family and friends alike. Dolphins are an important symbolic representation, as they were regarded in ancient times as the "royal fish", and connects to the concepts of Alchemy; embodying all four elements to perfection within them. They are also highly emotional and intuitive creatures, experiencing love in similar ways that humans do, yet without any emotional blockages; symbols of what we can all strive for.

This card invites the "I Am" to become "We Are", and focuses on the shared communion between souls. This card can indicate a marriage, proposal, engagement, or even a business partnership or friendship. On a deeper level, this card invites us to feel that love is all there is. Life itself can be filled with love if we let it be and can manifest in an infinite number of ways. We are all One; and when we truly feel this within our hearts, a huge, collective shift will be able to manifest throughout humanity. 

You are encouraged now to surrender to the love that is present within your life and embrace the unity that exists within our perception of duality. From this understanding, the internal and external world is all one moving into different states of being. Ultimately, this card is about the harmonization of the male and female energies into one, a loving and unified force.


The reverse of the Two of Cups describes the thing that stops love from happening: fear. Fear comes in response to the awareness of something, ceasing the outpouring of good feelings and creating the release of very tense and restricted vibes. Some might say that hate is the opposite of love, however, hate is actually stemmed from fear in the first place, and so being in fear leads to a disconnection between individuals, and results in misunderstandings and miscommunications by a lack of connection. In this, love goes to waste and our emotions become stale because they are not shared; we can no longer feel the inherent love of Spirit which is perpetually in and around all of us, all of the time.

To turn this reversed card upright, we must begin by honoring and acknowledging the fears within us and getting to the core of what we're afraid of. If we can remember that we are all inherently one, even if we disagree with something, we can have a significantly easier time finding peace within and then making peace with others. We must be mindful that sometimes, we are not meant to agree, but that does not mean we cannot hold a space of compassion and love for each other. By understanding this, and practicing forgiveness, we can move into the light without the worries and troubles of our past relationships.

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