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Two of Disks










Jupiter in Capricorn


Movement, Flow, Change as Support for Stability, Growing, Proceeding, Flexibility, Alteration of Natural Forces



The Two of Disks describes the universal truth that change is the only constant. Everything is in a constant state of change; nothing ever sits still. The card depicts Patchman holding a lemniscate (infinity symbol) which moves through all of the colors and elements, from unity outward and back again. Two yin yangs mark the ever-spiraling balance of this change and the movements of natural forces that spin continuously and mark the advent of new cycles.


Change is the only constant. Everything is in motion, and everything is always shifting. If you can embrace the change and go with the flow, then the wheel of providence will forever turn in your favor. This card reminds you to be flexible, proceed forward, and don't mind when things change. Keep flowing and keep moving forward. 


The Two of Disks is all about change and the ebb and flow of the river of life. Change is the only constant, and this card invokes this ever-flowing shift within and all around you; it indicates a need for balance and flux within all aspects of one's life; be it mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical change.  

This card depicts Patchman holding a beautiful, rainbow lemniscate (infinity) in his hands. There are a yin and yang within both open spaces of the loop, which represents the balance and constant motion that takes place between all four elements. In the center of the lemniscate is a singularity of which all of the energy of creation moves through, evolving and finding its end, coming together at oneness before bursting back out with renewed and vibrant life-force. In this cycle, we see that energy never stays in the same place for more than a moment, no matter how tangible and inert things may seem in the physical realm.

The Two of Disks embodies the energy of flow, growth, movement, change, and flexibility. This is one of the most harmonious ways to be in life, for it is seen this way in nature; such is the way of the Tao. When we don't resist change, but flow with it and stay in a state of allowing all things to be simple, life just unfolds naturally with ease and relaxation.  

"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be a reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like." - Lao Tzu

What changes are happening to you at this time? They can be big or small, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature, or a combination of all of them. This card reminds you of the sheer importance of this state, allowing change and inner balance to transpire. Nothing is set in stone, and this can be a tremendous benefit to one's body of consciousness. It is a choice to try and resist something, just as much as it is a choice to step into a state of allowing. Meditation is a powerful tool for when you are feeling resistant to new beginnings or shifts in your life, to overcome our fears and flow like water. 

To be sure, it can be quite unsettling or disruptive to experience a state of new motion after being in the same position in life for so long, but this is really a gift as there are always opportunities for new lessons and experiences around every corner. Everything will always be in motion; the wind, the waves, our breath, our minds, the entire Earth, and the cosmos. Everything is always moving, and so are you.


As you might expect, the reverse of the Two of Disks implies not going with the flow, or not flowing at all; this can only result in an inner and outer imbalance, and lack of harmony. This is the basis of stasis. When we are resistant to change, or try and force things to be the way that we selfishly want them to be, we end up causing more grief and struggle for ourselves and those who are involved in our affairs. The Two of Disks reversed, in another practical sense, can imply reckless spending, and especially speaks to financial and practical matters that are not in balance with where we are at in life. Thus the changes in our lives do not appear to be for the better, and the more we fight them, the worse off they will become. 

To turn this reversed card upright, we must release our expectations, attachments, and let the cards fall where they may. It may be uncomfortable to do so, but this too shall pass. It's better to face our karma now than drag it with us for weeks, months, or years. If we have run our finances into the dirt, then perhaps it is time to live more frugally or apply for a job, which may be difficult but would provide greater resources and see what we learn from such an experience. If we make decisions like this purposefully, then we are enacting the re-balancing of our own cycles and bringing harmony to our lives without having to suffer the same consequences, such as doing nothing and ending up losing our homes, jobs, relationships, etc.

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