About Patch Tarot

Work on Patch Tarot first began in the middle of 2016, and little did I know just how big of a project this would be.

For thousands of hours, late nights and early mornings, I poured myself into exploring the depths of tarot, and translating the hidden meanings into a new Tarot.

At times I lost myself to studying the symbolism, and numbed my fingers writing descriptions. Patch Tarot almost entirely consumed my life.

My goal and purpose with Patch Tarot is not only to create a new kind of Tarot Deck, but to make learning this mystic art easy and fun, something you can use on a regular basis to raise your consciousness, explore the universe, and know yourself better.

With the right understanding, we can use the Tarot to make sense of our lives, and give us the keys we need to live our dreams!

Tarot has been such a huge part of my life for so many years now, and since I first began learning, all I wanted was to share it with the world. Today, I am honoured to be able to do just that.

Over the years, the Spirit Science family has been so incredible and supportive, and so with this project I wish to give back something of intrinsic value; something you can use to make your life better, and see the world improve because of it.

With all of my love forever,
Jordan David River


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