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What is Patch Tarot?

Over the ages, many different Tarot decks have been crafted. Patch Tarot is a continuation and evolution of today’s most prominent Tarot decks of the past hundred years.

This deck is a purposeful fusion of the most prominent symbolisms and descriptions across the most notable decks, into a single unified Tarot deck made for you – the modern alchemical scholar.

Herein you will find all of the familiarity of other great Tarot packs, such as Thoth and the Rider-Waite-Smith, along with a touch of Patchman for good measure.


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A Message from the Author

Hello there, and thank you so much for visiting the Patch Tarot website! It's wonderful that you are stepping through the magical world of Tarot; it is a 'rabbit-hole' rich with wisdom and the potential for tremendous spiritual growth!

I created Patch Tarot after years of exploring the archetypes and building blocks of Tarot and found it to be an efficient tool for me in my spiritual growth. It was something I wanted to share with the world, and I often thought about creating a video series about the Tarot.

However, I held off in making a video series for a long time, because I wanted it to be unique, I knew one day I would create a Spirit Science Tarot, which would make producing cartoons about it even more fun too!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, though. Over a year and a half of producing these cards, writing The Book of Patch and learning Qabalah and Astrology at a whole new level entirely changed my life in a really beautiful way. I found myself learning so much more about the Tarot than I could ever comprehend before!

Today, I am so grateful to be able to share all of these revelations with you. The information here is exceptional, something into which I've poured my whole heart. The nature of the Tarot is truly a blueprint to spiritual ascension; it provides insight and wisdom in raising your vibration and living life more in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

Thank you so much for coming here and being a part of the Patch Tarot story. If you're interested in going deeper, and getting a private training from myself, and connecting with a large online spiritual community, check out Spirit Mysteries, linked below on this page!

Thank you again, and may you be forever blessed.

With all of my love,
Jordan David River

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About the Author

Jordan River
Creator of Spirit Science
Founder & CEO of Spirit Studios

Jordan started Spirit Science in 2011 when his love of animation harmonized with his spiritual awakening. Originally this series began with the open hearted intention to share his newfound passion for spirituality, in a way that was fun and easy to understand.

He never would have guessed that Spirit Science would have impacted as many people as it did, or that these simple cartoons would touch the hearts of millions ready to share in all of the spiritual discoveries that are reshaping the world today!

Today, Jordan is creating Spirit Science with a small team of light-workers across the world, and holding space for all of humanity to reach the light within, and experience ascension.

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Learn Patch Tarot

The cards are sorted into four sections, the Major ArcanaHoly ArcanaMinor Arcana and Royal Arcana.

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The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana is the story of consciousness interacting with, and developing through the four elements.

Learn More
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The Holy Arcana

The Holy Arcana is an entirely new concept to the Tarot, and something which happened purely out of natural flow in the process of developing the Major Arcana.

Learn More
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The Minor Arcana

The principle energy behind these numbers is very relative to the corresponding energy of each sephiroth on the Tree of Life.

Learn More
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The Royal Arcana

The Royal Arcana are the final section of Patch Tarot, and encompass the remaining 16 cards...

Learn More


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Patch Tarot - The Spirit Science Tarot Deck

Join the thousands of others who stepped out of the matrix and into a new reality, with the ultimate tool for deep spiritual wisdom. Patch Tarot offers you the ability to answer any question you have in minutes, and get to the truth of any situation, and it’s accuracy is stunning.


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The Book of Patch

With The Book of Patch, learn to see and know how the matrix works, and step outside of it to become the master of your reality. Allow yourself to embody complete mental clarity and alertness as you dive into the wisdom of the Tarot. Boost your vocabulary of Tarot and the mystic arts, while improving your ability to connect with the cards, and as a results, the people closest to you in your life. 

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The Book of Spirit

While most of the world seems to be pulling in a direction towards chaos, you can become an instrument of the divine with The Book of Spirit. Go deeper in spiritual knowledge and awareness than almost everyone you know, to reach deeper into your own self discovery, master yourself, and change the world. It’s time to let go of an old, mundane awareness of the world, and see life as it truly is.


We also provide Divination Cloths, Tapestries, Yoga Mats and more... 
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"Thank you for all of your work! The videos you produce have been instrumental in my personal awakening! Words cannot describe how life changing things have become lately but I’m comforted to know I’m not alone feeling this way"

- Matthew Tollow -

"WE LOVE YOU GUYS!! Years ago my friend told me he had a video to show me and he said it was amazing, it was the human history movie😁 and it changed my life forever. Your video woke me up! Before I was shown that video I lived a very depressed life with no drive, and now I know myself on the deepest levels and that helps me to help my family in the best ways possible. So I thank you guys and girls for being there for the world and everyone in it❤️"

- Corey Grayson -

"Thank you so much for all that you do, My awakening started it with your videos two years ago and I’m so thankful for all that I learned from you! Btw I love doing tarot card reading with Patch Tarot!"
- Payam Darbani -

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